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    Thought this research by Nvidia quite interesting https://blogs.nvidia.com/blog/2017/05/10/ai-for-ray-tracing/
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    Hello Everyone, I put together a short video tutorial on how to use the particle system to break glue bonds that are holding together fractured geometry. You can view the video here: I have other videos posted in this link as well. http://forums.odforce.net/topic/17105-short-and-sweet-op-centric-lessons/page-5#entry127846
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    Got it !!! you little bugger !!! In your orig file, coupla steps: 01) the Boolean should treat B as solid...so that you don't get a missing side 02) step 1 would screw thing up as explain in prev post, now.....if you go back a bit, put display flag on Facet, turn on Display Prim Normals (below the display Point numbers button), you'll see the sides of the box correctly have magenta arrows pointing outwards...but the top/bottom are incorrectly pointing INSIDE the geometry. THIS is what screwing up the Boolean. So above the Facet, add a Reverse, now you'll see the top/bottom with arrows pointing outwards. 03) put Display flag back on the Explode...and voila !!! ps: your box really should have more res than just a simple 1x1x1 segment....so you don't get artifacts..
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    Don't have time to examine your hip right away but you must be doing something wrong. How are you creating your cut geometry? have you seen the Siggraph session?
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    Well, despite of the warning about VEX not supporting animated parameters, for years placing $F inside a shader body simply worked. There is a subtle nuance here though, and it't hard to see, since GUI wise all Houdini parms look the same. There are two different things involved here: shader's variables (inputs inside Shops/Vops) and parameters on a nodes. Basically think about Vops (material builder or anything involving nodes and vex) as a pure string based code generator. Code listening will be generated inside Houdini, but interpreted in a different context (inside Mantra), so expressions (usually evaluated inside Houdini) don't fit. Promoting them outside a shader body, allows them to be correctly evaluated prior execution (passing the result to shader body as plain old data variable). Seems like different types of Vops involved subnets has different opinion about what is possible though.
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    For those experiencing these issues - in the changelog today: Houdini 16.0.701 Fixed a Linux-only bug where modifier keys were ignored for clicks triggered by a tablet stylus. Thanks SESI! Much appreciated! Matt
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    Scene with test tornado. https://vimeo.com/58393324 tornado_v02.hip
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    Hi, So I need some advice on a building destruction Im doing. The destrucion is going to be directed and need to follow some proxy destruction. I hope the drawing help to visualize what will be going on. 1) So the blue arrows shows the big proxy blocks that are animated. Simple boxes 2) The red part shows where the real bullet destruction will be. So my question is... how would you approach this effect? Do you animate the whole high poly geometry and then just activate where the contact happen? Or maybe use the proxy animation, somehow parent 'non-bullet' geo to proxy? Use proxy alembic animation or better animate again in Houdini? Animate on objects level or sop level? Because if I parent on object level to proxy, then in DOPNET everything will be completely wrong. I hope you understand my issues. Any help and ideas are welcome!
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    I am no expert in pyro, but Volume Sample VOP will help you as in the attached .hiplc. I have bound to pscale too, to see it better. CubeEXP - v1.hiplc
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    Here's a great 1h breakdown on using constraints in Houdini from Escape Studios. You'll need to register, but the webinar is free. http://learning.escapestudios.com/player/c/RCQfPcC8ToppF9d/n/ppf5s21i5nqstnx/a/quwpso183vuqdq7
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    I created a basic upres example. simple_upres_bunker.hipnc
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    Twisting box http://beesandbombs.tumblr.com/post/109914868554/twisting-box bees_and_bombs_twisting_box.hipnc
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    Update: A new awesome method is to use an Attribute Wrangle set to "Run Over: Primitives" with the following code: First line adds a point to the center of every primitive. (I believe it uses the point average for the center). The second line is optional and removes the original primitives. Original thread: https://www.sidefx.com/index.php?option=com_forum&Itemid=172&page=viewtopic&t=35541
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    Hi Here the solution for the "error" problem. In your Parameter Interface Editor, you have to uncheck the "Forbid Linking Parameters from Outside this Subnet". (look at the joined picture) cheers
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    you could also use the hou.Node.recursiveGlob() funtion in python. nodes = hou.node("/obj").recursiveGlob("your_pattern") petz