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    Here is one that I did quite a while ago, but didn't share because I couldn't figure out how to render solid colours. But, now that Henderthing cleared things up for me I thought I would put it on. Original here: https://dribbble.com/shots/2726044-Rainbow-Ring My version: I'll admit that I once again did a bit of colour work to it. This time in Photoshop. You'll notice the original has more representation in the RGB colours and the HIP file version is heavy on magenta, yellow and cyan. This could probably be done in VEX by adding adding an easing function to the R, G and B channels seperately. But I haven't taken the time to do that yet. Could be a fun exercise, though. I've also included a version of the dancing orbs, as I came to a different solution to the original one on here. So, it could be useful for others to see a different implementation. RainbowRing_01.hipnc DancingOrbs_01.hipnc
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    Hey, thought I'd share this here. Preview of tree and foliage creation and layout tools now available on Gumroad. I've released them as "pay what you want" as my contribution to the community. I plan to keep supporting and improving these tools in future as well as releasing other tools. Let me know if you have any feedback/suggestions and I look forward to seeing what people create with them. Enjoy! https://gumroad.com/l/zWFNX
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    If you want to just check it out you can download it for free off Gumroad. It includes this example scene.
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    There is "Force Compile" button on Attribute VOP. If you include the header in wrangle, you could unlock node and promote the button via Edit Parameter Interface / From nodes.
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    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <shelfDocument> <tool name="delta_edit" label="Delta Edit" icon="SOP_edit"> <helpText> <![CDATA[ #type: tool #icon: SOP/edit = Delta Edit = """Create Edit SOP from difference between two SOPs.""" ]]> </helpText> <script scriptType="python"> <![CDATA[ def safe_name(network, name): ''' Append a digit to the name making it unique within the network. Depends on existing nodes inside the network. E.g. if the network contains edit1, edit5 and edit6 nodes, 'edit7' will be returned, ignoring vacant numbers between edit1 and edit5, the way Houdini does it. ''' digits = [n.digitsInName() for n in network.glob(name + '*')] return '{}{}'.format(name, max([0] + digits) + 1) def delta_edit(selected_nodes): '''Create Edit SOP from difference between two SOPs.''' nodes = [x.name() for x in selected_nodes if isinstance(x, hou.SopNode)] if len(nodes) != 2: return network = selected_nodes[0].parent() name = safe_name(network, 'delta') script = 'cd {}; sopcreateedit {} {} {}'.format(network.path(), name, *nodes) hou.hscript(script) delta_edit(hou.selectedNodes()) ]]> </script> </tool> </shelfDocument> I made a shelf tool wrapping this command. Usage: Select "from this state" node, shift-select "into this state" node, click the tool. Origin and target nodes should share topology. Installation: Save to $(HIP|JOB|HOUDINI_USER_PREF_DIR)/toolbar/delta_edit.shelf Launch Houdini Right-click on empty place in shelf tab, select "Edit Shelf Tab..." Find "Delta Edit" in the long list of tools, hightlight it Accept
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    In vex Set your "Import attribute UV" to vector and on your Grid1 -> UVTexture set UV attribute class to point. -b
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    Hello, since last week i can play with houdini again to keep going my tests ... and bellow , some of my latest hip files from this video: torus+wrinckles+.hiplc stick man rbd+ .hiplc bubbles- rbd+cloth-2.hiplc
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    Still digging through an incredible fredhopp's example. With metaballs timings can be shortened to couple of seconds. raspberry_metaballs.hipnc