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    Sorry for making this thread and then going silent for a while, a lot has happened over the past few months, including me moving to LA on a whim... But I'm back!!!! I have tons of new files to share, which I'll push out in the coming weeks. Today I had a couple of hours to play with Houdini before going to an Escape Room (wish me luck), and I had been discussing the Laplace-Beltrami operator with a couple of buddies on discord for a long time, so i thought, why not implement one myself! After having thought about it for so long it actually didn't involve anything I hadn't already done, or covered in my blogs for that matter (go read them!!!!). The implementation is based off this paper: http://www.cs.princeton.edu/courses/archive/fall10/cos526/papers/sorkine05.pdf I did comment the wrangle so hopefully it makes sense. One caveat, is that this version does not include border weighting, so watch out for crazy minimization. For production, just use the attribute blur sop, this is more just me exploring weird math stuff that makes me question my art school degree... <3 <3 <3 P.S. there's a little ray tracing demo in there as well, since my roommate wanted to understand normals, and I went a bit too far off the deep end in explaining it to him.... EDIT: Petz has brought up a few issues with this, I will make a revision soon JR_Laplacian_v001.hip
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    here's the file from the above setup, lots of credit to those discussion velocity fields with the LIC method AC_VelocityFields.hiplc
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    if(@ptnum < chi("max") && @ptnum > chi("min")){ i@group_groupA = 1; }
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    I would press Ctrl-E on the expression (opens editor) and separate it to multiple lines. My example, different, but may help you: This expression is to generate the folder and filename (Output Image) e.g. $HIP/render/magnetic_camL/magnetic_camL_$F4.png The brackets are inside of backticks `{ lines of code }` because you want this to be evaluated as a string. If you want number, it would be just { lines of code } EDIT: Notice the lines with output += ... this could help you separate your line and test / debug it `{ string take = chsop("take"); string camera = chsop("camera"); float first = index(take, "_"); float start = 0; float length = first; string takeName = substr(take, start, length); string camName = substr(camera, 5, 5); string takeName += "_" + camName; string output = "$HIP/render/"; string output += takeName + "/" + takeName; string output += "_$F4.png"; return output; }`