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    Categories were introduced, so feel free to give us feedback on the split of channels. Some things are a trial to see if it takes off.
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    A bit late, but there's a few choices for custom handles, though I'm not sure how to create custom manipulators that would work the same as the built in ones (meaning they would show up in the handles section for the HDAs). The MSS_CustomBrushState sample shows how to create a paint node. The ways Houdini implements handles, is with 'states'(BM/BM_State is a good place to look to learn a bit more). States are event handlers, tied to specific nodes, all nodes have them but most only have a generic implementation. If you register a state(MSS_SingleOpState is the best choice for a SOP, though BM_SingleOpState will work for OBJs and SOPs but is a bit more effort to work with) , and specify the name of the node, the state automatically associates with it (just select the node and hit enter in the viewport), you can create states for custom HDA's and even override states for built in nodes. States can also handle rendering, so by creating a state, rendering a custom handle and defining the interactions and plugging the resulting values into parms you can create a completely customized handle for any type of node. This is basically how Houdini handles are implemented but I think there are a few missing pieces preventing the creation of a proper handle though. You could also create a DM_MouseHook and DM_SceneHook to create and render anything you wanted without it being tied to any particular node type.
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    why don't you do two renders and then comp them together? sure you can get both in one render but that will require some setting up that you'll have to figure out
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    just use shadow matte material preset. that is the easiest way I guess.
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    Really loved this piece by Alexa Sirbu and Lukas Vojir. Notice on their portfolio sites they also worked on the Logitech G433 piece at Man vs Machine which I thought was primarily a Simon Holmedal piece. I think it highlights the fact that most really great Houdini work is the result of a collaboration. Since I'm getting heavily into Nuke I was wondering if any experts could hazard a guess as to whether the DOF in this and the Logitech piece was rendered or done in post? http://www.simonholmedal.com/logitech-g433/
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    Zombie thread is back from the dead. Note the dates, 2014.
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    Hello caskal Did you mean something like this? triangle_Holmedal_out.hiplc
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    import hou def activeNetworkPanes(): desktop = hou.ui.curDesktop() panes = desktop.paneTabs() network_panes = [] for pane in panes: if isinstance(pane, hou.NetworkEditor): if pane.isCurrentTab(): network_panes.append(pane) return network_panes root_node = None selected_nodes = hou.selectedNodes() network_panes = activeNetworkPanes() if selected_nodes: root_node = selected_nodes[-1].parent() elif network_panes: root_node = network_panes[0].pwd()