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    During the last 3 weeks, a did some Rnd and published my results on vimeo . Some people asked me to share my files here, so here we are i hope it will help!
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    Hello, I'm looking for a new opportunities. My reel: https://maciejmiszkiel.myportfolio.com/reel-2017 My resume: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B3mh7jvtj-oZR0VFaWhYOTU1TjQ
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    Fantastic excursions into H soft bodies (they seem a perfect complement to Rich Lord's RBD excursions too). Mucho gracias for the generous knowledge share, looking forward to digging deep into your Hip's.
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    Made this little motion graphics intro with Houdini and C4D, rendered in Cinema 4d with Arnold
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    Thanks Sim wise - Flip, Pyro and Shortest path growth from Entagma is done in Houdini, everything else Cinema 4d. Had some more tests with FEM and other solvers, but just couldn't get them to place I wanted before the deadline. I love Houdini, but it's so fast to set up everything in C4D.
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    Hi, I guess what you want is deleteing the overlapping pairs of polygons. You can do that with a "clean SOP" : tick Consolidate Points, Fix overlaps, Delete Overlap Pairs and Remove Unused Points. This should delete the inside faces. remove_inside_faces_v01b.hipnc
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    Hello, since last week i can play with houdini again to keep going my tests ... and bellow , some of my latest hip files from this video: torus+wrinckles+.hiplc stick man rbd+ .hiplc bubbles- rbd+cloth-2.hiplc