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    Set "Local scaling" to "Use Local Feature Size" to have more accurate solidembed. In "box_object1" set "Division size" to 0.05 or less. Change substeps to default 4 and 2 for collision.
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    OK, that's a good reason for using IFDs (unless you can install HQueue there, which simplifies this task a lot). Google says for Windows looping command would look like bellow, but I don't know a thing about MS shell. for /r %i in (*) do mantra -f %i Actually there seems to be bash for Windows these days too, lol.
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    mantra -f /path/to/ifdfile.ifd <optional image.pic> By default mantra will use ROP settings embedded in IFD file, but you can overwrite them in command line like: mantra -j8 -Va -f /path/to/file.ifd image.exr All of this is explained in a first link my first post.
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    Once IFD file is on disk, you don't use Mantra ROP, but render with command line: http://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini/render/batch#mantra Also on a wider context: http://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini/render/ifd_workflows hth, Szymon.
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    You can add the 'vcomment' parameter to your camera and use channel references to display parameter values http://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini/props/viewport#vcomment
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    Hi Jason, If this is on SOP level, you can use a sop solver and compare it with it self from last frame, something like if(point(1, "active", @ptnum)) { i@active = 1;} where you have the first input as itself and the second input as prev frame. However, if you are doing the vop that you are doing inside dop solver it should keep your comparison, imho. Hope it helps!
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    Hi Gabriel Thank you for your help. That is exactly i was looking for. I understand it now.
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    The problem seems to be that you are not keeping both sides equal. When you convertvdb for one side, make sure you match the settings on the other (i.e. Convert Fog to SDF). Also, turn off that vdbresample unless you plan on resampling the other side too. It worked fine for me after that, no more exploding velocity.
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    Filament like structure, combination of Smoke Solver, VDB Advect Points + Volume Rasterize Particles. smokesolver_v3.hipnc
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    Another, focused on instancing smoke objects. Manipulating points with basic instancing attributes, i@cluster, v@scale and f@sourceframe. How to activate smoke object and holding a volume source. This method ideal for triggering independent gas simulation on impact data. Additional examples, e.g. grid clustering method for trail and non-trail which I'm merging from a separate thread. smokesolver_v2.hipnc
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    I checked help document, it is hou.allowEnvironmentToOverwriteVariable("JOB", True) in houdini16
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    untested but should work: // get 1-ring around points UT_ValArray<GA_OffsetArray> neighbourArray; gdp->buildRingZeroPoints(neighbourArray, NULL); // build HedgeInterface GEO_HedgeInterface hedgeInterface(gdp); // get neighbours of point 0 GA_OffsetArray neighbours = neighbourArray[0]; // init prims GEO_Primitive *prim1, *prim2; // iterate over neighbouring points for(int i = 0; i < neighbours.size(); i++) { // get half-edges between point 0 and neighbour GEO_Hedge hedge = hedgeInterface.findHedgeWithEndpoints(0, neighbours[i]); GEO_Hedge hedgeNext = hedgeInterface.nextEquivalentHedge(hedge); // get prims prim1 = hedgeInterface.hedgePrimitive(hedge); prim2 = hedgeInterface.hedgePrimitive(hedgeNext); } // clean up if(hedgeInterface.haveHedgeTopology()) hedgeInterface.destroyHedgeTopologyLinks(); hth. petz
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    Try setting os.environ["JOB"] from Python, and then calling hou.allowEnvironmentToOverwriteVariable("JOB") before loading your .hip file.
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    Hi, if you prepare necessary attributes in SOPs, then merging in SOP Solver should work. You can also delete geometry which is not visible for example (for speedup in simulation). Check example file. Juraj jt_emit_cloth.hipnc
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    the syntax for string array attributes in wrangles is s[]@name. s[]@test={'one','two','three'}; And to read it back: string read[] = s[]@test; s@a = read[0]; s@b = read[1]; s@c = read[2];
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    1. generate ifd 2. /bin/hcmd.exe 3. mantra.exe -f ifdfile.ifd