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    Got a closer shape using the ideas I posted above! With some overall warping, and playing with the VDB meshing, you might be able to massage this into something like the ref. vexGeoTest_v01.hipnc
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    I've recently started using Houdini coming from a Grasshopper/Rhinoceros + Architectural background and quickly I realized it's such a great tool for parametric & procedural design for modeling some geometrical shapes which sometimes GH is not good at. I'm planning to post tutorials for Houdini to following Facebook page and Youtube channel as my note how to make geometries I'm interested in. [Facebook Page] https://www.facebook.com/ParametricProceduralHoudini/ [Youtube Playlist (Fast ver.)] [Youtube Playlist (Slow ver.)]
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    Anything I can do in Houdini is thanks to the great community of people helping and sharing their knowledge. Thank you everybody, you guys rock! This is my first job done fully in Houdini (+AE) and my client let me share the source files (attached in this post). Rendered animation is here on vimeo The included network is quite simple and I hope it can help beginners to learn Houdini. I have tried to avoid slow for each loops and copy stamping, so you can find few small tricks in there. It was rendered in one afternoon on Redshift and two 1070s (cca 1.8K pixels res). And also warning: some of the effects and glows are done in AE. Used VEX if, vertexindex, smooth, rotate (matrix), setpointattrib addprim, addpoint, addvertex, removepoint user-defined functions Used CHOPs lag, math, spring, geometry, envelope, area, trigger jiggle (even for single channel) chop() expression Used VOPs dot product (to control the linear falloff), cross product primuv, volume samples VDB vdb activate, custom masked advection (clouds) nearpoint (to sample the mask advection offset) SOPs uv texture(rows&columns) to control the ramp (color&pscale) along u attribute interpolate, attribute transfer, solver polyextrude (with local controls) RedShift volume shader, light instancing point and vertex attributes odforce - project - v1.zip
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    parent = hou.node('/path/to/parent') nodeToCopy = parent.node('./nodeToCopy') parent.copyItems( (nodeToCopy, ), channel_reference_originals = True)
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    I've uploaded a video to show how you can use Houdini's volume to create a custom voronoi partition based on custom Manhattan distance algorithm.
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    Very clean scene file for distance based growth - scene file linked in the description...
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    After a year, I have another project to which I can share the source files. (link to the previous one) It is nothing revolutionary or special, it was partially done in After Effects, but I hope that it might be helpful and inspirational for somebody. Video from the 270° presentation: https://vimeo.com/246338905 Source .hiplc files: http://bit.ly/2BO4Rj3 Everything I can do in Houdini is based on the help and knowledge shared by the community. I can do it thanks to you guys! Thank you very much. Thanks goes to great guys from http://www.xlab.cz, I did it for them! Preview:
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    I've uploaded a video tutorial to show how to create twisted pipe twining around a sphere.
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