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    That option is new in 16.5 though, he might not be using it.
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    Cheers, I guess that makes sense. I've ended up using a scale that is 10x bigger than the real values, and I'm getting results that I'm fairly happy with. I have had to put the buoyancy to some crazy high values to get the smoke to rise quicker, but looking back at it, I probably should have just adjusted the timescale a bit to compensate for the size. Here's a really quick slap comp of the smoke on top of the shot (just taken from a flipbook). Currently there are some substepping artefacts near the sources but I will increase the substeps for the final sim. Any crit on this would be greatly appreciated! Password = "wire"
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    Cool. P.S. It says the name at the bottom of the left side identifier. Best of luck on your work.
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    it don't have a representation as far as i know (see the collision webinars for more information) so just leave that Use Heightfield checkbox ticked and turn on display geometry
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    yeah i and j are most obvious test cases...here's my modded logic if (abs(i@textindex - i@opinput1_textindex) > 1) { @name = "word"; } greater than 1 is for white spaces...
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    so what I did is after Heightfield Project, I convert heightfield to polygon, then add that as a Terrain object. then in DOP...paradoxically, it displays correctly but now your object is a polygon and not 'heightfield'...how is it treated under the hood, I don't know..
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    oddly, if you DISABLE Use Heightfield, you'll see a representation (not very accurate tho) with an extruded bottom...who cares about the bottom really...but you can see the top that's all that matters...
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    A friend asked SESI this just yesterday. They said it's missing from the docs (and they will add it). It's done with hou.HDADefinition.save() hou.HDADDefinition.save("blackbox.hda", some_node, compile_contents=True, black_box=True)