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    Here's a way to do it in sops But if you want to do this with a big amount geo, you should take a look at instancing it by changing the intrinsic path of packed geo, which will be much faster and allow your to have much more geo for the same memory footprint switch_scatter_compiled_odf.hip
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    Tiled rendering rocks! Technically it's taking more time to render in total but sure worked for me to cheat the farm limit time. Thanks a lot! You're right, i'm still trying to learn how to use Mantra properly. I used your advice + tiled rendering into 4 pieces. Now i get about 30-45 mins per frame. Thanks for the help!
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    Agree, GridMarkets service is really really good and their plugin, IMHO, is great.
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    it looks like a bug, something with alembic and overall packed primitives viewport optimization in H16.5 H16.0 seems to be fine
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    Gracias Alejandro! He revisado muuuuchos de los hilos en los que participaste y aprendí mucho de las demos compartidas, la comunidad de Houdini es genial! Vengo del 3ds Max y me estoy adaptando al Houdini desde hace varios meses(ya voy agarrandole maña) así que tus palabras de aliento ayudan mucho. Un par de retoques más al sistema y compartiré el file en otro hilo. Saludos.
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    I don't think shrinkwrap really is the effect in question. It is simply pushing a mesh against a rubber sheet, right? With the help of AdrianR on Discord I put together this simple example. To get more detail out of the effect you will have to increase the grid resolution and then recapture the points along the edge using the Follow Target tool (i.e. cloth pinning) on the Cloth shelf. ap_pig_stretches_rubber.hiplc
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    i need to do this pattern on shops, i have an idea of how to do it on sops, but not in shops to use it as surface texture, here is my set up, but i want to translate it to shops to use it as texture, i know i can render it and use it, but thats not the way of the cowboy, hahaha so i want to translate it to a procedural way in shops. textura.hip