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    Yes, I changed the board in the worst possible time. The updates that broke everything on Arch were all recent and I was out of pace with what was happening on the Ubuntu side. Still, I got an iso of Ubuntu 16.04.3 and managed to get Houdini running. I'm glad I didn't return the board because AMD is at least doing a lot of investment in open source, even if their release cycle lags so much. It took them two months to release the driver for 16.04.4 (released just now), so I don't expect the driver for 18.04 to come so soon. Thanks for the input and the sarcasm.
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    this could probably help get started:
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    Set the channel range in the fetch chop to start/end and specify your animation range. It dosen't recognize automatically for some reason.
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    I haven't ever used c4d, however in last 2 releases or so, houdini made a big leap forward in modeling workflows. it is true that there are still some functionality missing but its mostly convenience stuff, everything essential is there. Personally I love it for how flexible it is and how it never gets overwhelming with very complex models. very complex means just lot of simple things, not one massive hard to manage asset. That also makes changes to the model relatively painless and much less time consuming than in other packages (if you laid off your stuff well). It requires more technical approach thou so it depends what you're looking for.
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    Just took ben watts clean file and did some fast geo for testing. Play with Solver_Controls max distance and max points for speed control, or just go inside and tweak the vex. Hope it helps. bwd_H16_editedIceSpikes.hiplc
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    Still playing with this setup, been loads of fun. A couple of recent renders.