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    Yes, Fyastrata, I was having a hard time wrapping my head around some aspects of hard surface modeling in Houdini, what would take me 10 minutes in Houdini takes 2 in C4D. Houdini VFX, especially particles, blows C4D out of the water it much quicker and easier to get results, for that I will stay with Houdini but for hardsurface modeling I am returning to C4D.
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    I just came to Houdini from C4D. I believe if you hit the M key it will toggle the alignment of the tool
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    hi, I've been asked several times about this effect https://vimeo.com/61015448 so here is the hip file with some notes inside. trail_smoke_on_curve.hip Also I have a question to houdini gurus here please: Is it possible to align the containers along the path in DOPs? If I have the tangent and up vector of every cluster point how can I get the orientation of every point from SOP and align the corresponding container in DOP? I've tried Point Position DOP but can't get it to work. Thanks!
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    here is a new scene file with containers aligned on the path: trail_smoke_on_curve_aligned.hip Dobril
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    hi guys, I've got the scene from this thread: http://www.sidefx.co...ight=clustering so all credits for this setup go to Rob and SESI...I've just tried to develop it further and adapt it to work on a fast moving object at long distance and during my work I've always faced the same problem with cutting the density at the container's borders. In the initial scene they use average velocity in 'Sourse Volume DOP' to blend the velocity among all containers and this works for slow moving and fast dissipating smoke but for а fast moving smoke you will need a different way to equalize all fluid forces between containers. And since every container is simulating independently and limited by borders I was thinking to zero out all internal pyro forces, buoyancy, diffusion, cooling rate, etc...and use external forces which stay relatively equal during whole simulation as generating velocity from the curve tangents. For adding turbulence you may try 'Gas Turbulence DOP' with a SDF from the curve as a noise mask like this: http://www.sidefx.co.../dyno/pyro_look Try different cluster size for more overlapping containers and play with CFL Condition and substeps in pyro solver as well. Nathan, thank you very much for the suggestion. I've tried 'Point Position DOP' to get the points position from SOP and use it as a position data for the pyro object but it does what the instance points do anyway- taking the position but not the rotation. I would like to orient containers on points normals the same way as Copy SOP does: not oriented: oriented: This will make every container occupy less space which will lead to a much more efficient simulation and I wish I have this as an option in pyro object under instancing tab. Thanks!