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    Im restarting abandoned projects!... Buckingham Palace, have yet some improvements to do in some object datails especificly..but I am almost that!
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    Maybe this can help. Should be .hip file on web page of this guy
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    You could just directly set `v@force` in a POP Wrangle or a Geometry Wrangle. The old-school DOP forces like Wind Force aren't really best used with packed RBDs... I'd suggest using POP Wind Force instead along with VEXpressions to vary the force per-packed object. Just connect the Wrangle or POP DOP to the third input of the Rigid Body Solver DOP.
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    Hey all. I tend to read these sorts of forums a lot but never actually contribute anything, so I figured I should change that. Here's a somewhat lengthy write up of an approach to peeling paint off of a wall: http://www.pixelninja.design/paint-flakes-in-houdini/ I haven't been using Houdini long (only a couple of months) so there's probably much better ways of doing this. If so, let me know! Hopefully it's easy enough to follow along with. Blog/tutorial writing isn't something I generally do, so if you've got any feedback I'd love to hear it. Edit: added a hip file as per a request paintFlakes.hipnc
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    I came up with a far simpler solution. Basically just offset the curves along an axis from each other so they sim in isolation and then move the particles back in place after they have simulated. Like this... Offset_pop_curve_force.hipnc
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    when you need to slice your ham quickly...does not rely on Boolean. No need to copy grids onto points, line them up...blah blah blah..it simply slices up your geo no matter the orientation. (uploaded to Orbolt too but I certainly won't be holding my breath for 'approval'...if you don't wanna wait til Xmas, get the hdanc below) vu_quick_slice.hdanc
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    I just made my first HDA I have also used custom Handle and Guide Geometry to easily animate and preview. I hope you will like it, but also you may experience some difficulties using it, as I am still newbie. My questions: The Ramp - adding new ramppoints and renaming the node itself is tricky ... please, how do you bind VOP to HDA? - problem is, that new points have relative path ch("../../linear1/values_ramp4value") instead of simple ch("../values_ramp4pos") HDAs: - please, is it good practice to save all my HDAs here? C:\Users\..user..\Documents\houdini16.0\otls // yes it is - I should add parameters only in the "Type Properties", right? Not in the "Edit Parameter Interface" // yes - is it good practice to have some string parameter "Output Attribute Name" and then use "Set Attribute VOP"? // yes, I am also experimenting with chs("") and then vex include with backticks VOPs: - is it better to use Get Attribute or the Import Point Attribute? Both work well. More here http://bit.ly/2s2TGLO - inside an IF block, I output values to Cd to preview them ... and even when the IF should be skipped, Cd gets default values // that is probably ok and inevitable, there is some slight performance loss, I will experiment with chs() and include linear.hdalc