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    Make the leaves white with lots of diffuse and translucency. I've shot a lot of digital infrared over the years (modified a few cameras to do so). If you want some raw photos to mess with I posted a bunch online (download the ZIP files). IR Stock Collection 2010 1 IR Stock Collection 2010 2 IR Stock Collection 2010 3 Changing the channels in Photoshop kind of works but not really. The values will look similar but the leaves will be too reflective and other things won't be right (glass looks black, the sky looks black, other stuff looks different besides just the leaves, especially people and clothes).
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    Take a look at this file. SeedVorticles.hipnc as i mention before, you can inject some particles that will be use as a vortex seed (Vorticles = Vortex-Particles). The process will be: Create a source to apply the vortex forces Apply Forces Update the Velocity field Advect the vorticles to move accordingly to velocity field So houdini comes with a Microsolver called "Gas vorticle Geometry", this MS create a bunch of points on a fixed volume that match your fluid object, each with a magnitude and radius, Then "Gas vorticles forces" applies a Paddlewheel-like force to each point and updates the velocity field based on a Confinement Strength. Finally in the advection step "Gas advect" MS, moves the points according to the velocity field to track the fluid movement and preserve the position of each vortex. btw there is a shelf tool under "Container Tools" tab called Seed vorticles that make all setup for you. ( i never seen that before ) its not the best explanation but i hope you find it usefull. Cheers!
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    Hi, here it is mycolor = hou.FloatParmTemplate("color","color",3,look=hou.parmLook.ColorSquare,naming_scheme=hou.parmNamingScheme.RGBA) node = hou.selectedNodes()[0] node.addSpareParmTuple(mycolor)
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    Please don't double post.
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    here it is.....COMPLETE version. The fuse IS needed. If you disable it and explode you'll see the ends come away.... ROADS_001_fixed_complete.hipnc (I also added a flatten Y so all is completely flat...but you may disable that to return to the orig road if you prefer)
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    Made this a while ago, finally got around to uploading it to gumroad. https://gum.co/ofsD
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    1 - to change the FLIP velocity you can update the velocity field (vel) or the particles velocity (v) with a gasfield wrangle (or VOP) // update particles vel (eg: add some vel in X) v@v += {0.1,0,0}; // update velocity field (eg: add some vel in X) v@vel += {0.1,0,0}; to delete the particles, you can use a geometry wrangle (or VOP) // example to delete droplets if(f@droplet>0) removepoint(0,@ptnum); 3 - density is the number of particle per voxel. A gasparticlecount microsolver creates a particlecount field and the values are normalized to create the f@droplet attribute. hope that helps...
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    I have one bone being moved by a CHOPs channel driving each rotation axis. I want to use the same CHOPs information to drive a bone in another rig. What CHOPs expression do I use to achieve this? I want the BLUE bone to move the same way the other bone moves. ap_mocap_retarget_one_bone_050718.zip
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    A hexadecimal representation of color in the color picker. Then we could simply copy and paste colors from other apps or within Houdini itself with one keystroke.