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    That's fantastic! You can write the group name in Output Selection Group field of Bindings tab to highlight the group in wrangle.
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    i updated me post to include a wrangle..you might be interested...
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    surely group by range ??? so in your first post: 7, skip 2 mean select 7 out of 9...so go on...use a group by range and plug the values in...you can even use Offset (yeah ok, so it's strictly not scripting...but why not take the easiest way out ?) ahhh...wth...I'll chuck in a wrangle here... primSelectionPattern_wrangle.hipnc
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    I also used placeholder animation with AA noise animated by Y axis. @zscale primitive attribute simply multiplies Distance value on Poly Extrude node. Here is simplified example with some additions to zscale driving setup. zscale_stuff.hipnc
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    There are two animated meshes composited with soft pixel mask, due to visible mismatch between them. The mismatch is from low-frequency noise animation on spiked mesh, I think. Spiked mesh may be quite coarse and it doesn't need to contain every small detail of the fine mesh, it can contain reasonable amount of meshing artifacts on the nearby area. So, it is easy to create one. You can make spiked mesh by creating lowpoly triangle mesh, then extrude and beveling result. Compositing mask could be rendered with the value used to drive animation, then clamped, blurred, painted, etc. In my case @zscale used to extrude primitives should be enough to start with. Getting isotropic triangle mesh procedurally in Houdini is not trivial if the number of triangles is very low. You will loose volume and get bad shaped triangles (all triangles at the ear tip area are bad, for example). To get better triangles, you need to do manual retopology. It's easy to make a few triangles, anyway. spiked_ear.hipnc
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    Have you tried using your collision objects as a control field for your turbulence? That will keep your sim nice and smooth until the smoke touches the collision geo. And maybe try playing with the density ramp to sharpen details. ph_wispy_smoke_1.0.hip
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    You can get rather cool patterns by drawing vectors on a plane, convert it to a volume, smooth it out and then volume trail points in it. velField.hipnc