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    Working on a procedural cave generator using input curves for the base shape and cellular automata. The goal is for them to be game engine ready with textures, what do you think?
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    Unpack the geometries before creating the alembic, and/or create a 'path' attribute and check "build hierarchy from attribute" on the alembic rop.
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    Solitude posted a nice Mantra setup that shows how to advect Cd through a volume. I went ahead and ported it to Redshift for rendering. Now you can use an image to colorize your smoke. ap_rs_solitude_pyro_cd_060118.hiplc
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    Hi check this, some interesting idea http://pepefx.blogspot.com/2016/04/cigarette-smoke.html
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    Yes! Thank you, Marty. I've just decreased the sub steps back to 1. At 100 it took around 8 hours to sim flask.v1e.Odforce.Edit.hiplc