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    Pixelkram / Moritz S. (of Entagma) and I are proud to announce MOPs: an open-source toolkit for creating motion graphics in Houdini! MOPs is both a suite of ready-to-use tools for solving typical motion graphics problems, and a framework for building your own custom operators easily. More information is available from our website: http://www.motionoperators.com Enjoy!
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    Hello, check out my latest article: Remote debugging of Python running in VFX applications (Houdini, Maya, Blender, Nuke..)
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    In your "copytopoints1" node you have ticked on "copy Point Attributes" this will transfer N of the PigHead to your scattered Geo. This is why you shading is changing. Uncheck or add "^N" to keep your normals.
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    hgpuinfo -g will also show you the graphics info Houdini normally prints to the Help > About Houdini details dialog.
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    Tank Tread: PS: you are welcome to add to this thread of your wacky brainshortcircuitings..more the merrier... vu_MOPs_Tank_Tread.hipnc
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    My take on Diffusion Effect You can take this as far as you want, Hope my Paper And Hip Files Helps Some People!!!! https://www.artstation.com/artwork/ExrXK 2DAE08-VFX_Sim2_Exam_Declercq_Mante_Effect01.hipnc 2DAE08-VFX_Sim2_Exam_Declercq_Mante_Effect02.hipnc 2DAE08-VFX_Sim2_Exam_Declercq_Mante_Effect03.hipnc 2DAE08-VFX_Sim2_Exam_Declercq_Mante_Effect04.hipnc 2DAE08-VFX_Sim2_Exam_Declercq_Mante_Effect05.hipnc 2DAE08-VFX_ Sim2_Exam_Declercq_Mante.pdf
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    This seemed like a good way to compare foreach vs compiled foreach vs the groom.h trick outlined earlier on odforce vs removepoints by curveu. The speedup with compiling is huge, but its still slow compared to a wrangle approach. carve_compare.hip
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    I asked for this but Mark (mtucker) doesn't like it. Touch designer has this also. It comes down to maximizing real estate space if you have only one screen like a laptop.
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    Second constraint must be a constant vector like @up. They define static reference frame for the changing @aim vector. // Point wrangle. #define PI 3.1415926535897932384 float angle = acos(dot(v@up, v@aim)); int first_half = sign(dot(v@z, cross(v@up, v@aim))) >= 0; angle = first_half ? angle : 2*PI - angle; @angle = degrees(angle); circle_angle.hipnc