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    hi, this video explains how to use instancing with for-loops https://vimeo.com/251729016
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    all hscript or python expressions that are used in VEX snippet are evaluated (therefore expanded into just text) at the first frame, so the only thing you'd use them is to help you produce the VEX code however since snippet VEX code is compiled only at the first frame, you'll get the values from your hscript/python expressions evaluated only at that frame, you can see how your code looks like when you View Vex Code of the underlying Attribute VOP or in case of group/attrib Expression, there is a Generated Code tab where you can see expanded snippet code
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    as you said nprims() is hscript so if you use it in a snippet using backticks it will evaluate just when the code is compiled on the first frame, so you'll end up with hardcoded value 6 in your case instead of real number pf primitives so just use @numprim as suggested above something like this will do @primnum==@numprim-floor(rand(@Frame)*4)-1