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    Hi! Here is something I've been working for a few time on and off. I was searching for something that I could use for plants that are colliding near the camera. So I ended up using the bullet solver with packed geometry. I'm not sure if it's the right way to go for this kind of things but at least I learned a lot about the constraints. Thinking afterwards I probably should have used a few more substeps but I hope you can enjoy it anyway! Suggestions for improvements are welcome
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    I've encountered this as well. Turns out, there is a HIDDEN mantra parameter, that controls resolution of environment maps! Why hide such important parameter is beyond my understanding.
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    In a typical wrangle in SOPs there's no difference. However in CVEX, there's no real "inputs" that you can count on, so you may have to use geoself() in order to reference the geometry you're working on if it's not directly reading a file on disk.
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    Hi, Quick setup attached to illustrate the idea. Give it a go. fastGas.hipnc Cheers!
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    hmm, it certainly doesn't render right and there seem to be no way to fix it. haven't noticed it ever before to be honest (not even sure if it's always been like this). you should ask sidefx. I would consider it a bug. cheers. btw. in chrome ball reflections, i guess you're getting the same error, you just can't see it for the environment is rendered in much smaller area and the pixel coverage is much higher.
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    Nice!! Thanks for the info Aditya!
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    2950X is the 2nd revision of 1950X... almost the same but 2950X is slightly more power efficient & is a bit faster (you might get better overclocks with it, if you plant to OC) Clock for clock they are the same but stock 1950X turbos to 4ghz while 2950X goes 4.4ghz. NVME SSD drives are almost all M.2 slot types running on the PCI-E bus. For Example this drive is quite fast & not too expensive (up to 3.2 gibabytes/second read performance, PCI-E 3.0 spec at x4) --> Samsung 500GB 960 EVO NVMe M.2 Internal SSD. For graphics, I would also consider AMD's latest GPUs since their OpenCL performance is significantly better than Nvidia's for a given pricepoint. For Example: RX Vega 56 has a 32 bit float performance of 10.5 gigaflops. Vega 64 at 12.7 gflops. Compared to 1080Ti's at around 11.3 gflops. Also AMD's cards are significantly faster in 64 bit and 16 bit compute. As for Nvidia's RTX, I'm not sure how Houdini would take advantage of Nvidia's RTX since Mantra is a CPU renderer.
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    Hey magicians, I'm trying to create a thick layer of pyro (for a sand blowing effect) but so far I can't get the desired result, I got a decent view from distance but the camera is close to the floor so it gets bloby, any advice? this is the ref I'm trying to achieve And these are my tests so far Any advice will be awesome, thanks in advance!
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    Thank you man , I'm glad somebody actually reads that gibberish !! The more I play with your setup , the more I like it. I tried to duplicate the sphere source and move it like 1000 units away...and yes, the sim gets a bit slower, but being used to see how slow non-sparse volume grid based sims can get, it's quite an amazing feeling. Plus one thing I love about this setup is that it's incredibly simple. I've to create a dust trail setup, mmm I think I'm going to give this technique a try. *OpenVDB creators, please please please make a OpenCL version of VDB advect and VDB project non divergent nodes*
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    If I’m guessing it right you must be Alessandro Pepe. If so, cheers for your “FX Thinking” blog! Yes, I agree with what you mentioned. Things like independent events or trail such has the benefits. Eddy for Nuke was interesting but wasn’t aware it was sparse!
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    Thank you for sharing this setup ! Yeah it feels like the DOP's smoke is faster when it comes to single emitter like in your example, but if you have multiple emitters distributed in space, I bet this setup wins in terms of speed and memory footprint. I really hope they'll make VDB project non divergent faster , possibly GPU based ... see Eddy for Nuke for instance ( sparse grid + GPU = love )
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    Hi, I've just released a Tile Generator asset that can generate seamless brick and hexagon tiles. https://techie.se/?p=gallery&type=houdini_assets&item_nr=5 I plan on adding additional tiles soon. tile_generator.mp4
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    Here you go. If you want to do in Vops just add a noise to Color. Sphere_Scatter_Movement_v2.hipnc
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    I have tried this with colour texture, I am uploading the file so you can get the idea what i am looking forward to. thank you. Sphere_Scatter_Movement.hip