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    I think it's probably the best approach. A KD-Tree, which is what GEO_PointTree is, is a good choice for nearest neighbor searches. If you look at the implementation of UT_KDTree(if im not mistaken) you should be able to find an appropriate query function for your needs.
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    Another one is in the Graph Editor, you can press 'Y' and get the Box Handles for key frames.
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    when a video is private we can give the password out to Alpha/Beta/Whatever users, then just switch it to 'Public' when it's ready and we don't have to update any links etc. this is why we don't like things going public before they are ready :|
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    I know everyone is excited to see the next version of Houdini - but posting CONFIDENTIAL material will not be tolerated,
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    Update: went from 3gb a frame to 300mb a frame, by deleting non used attributes and using camera culling. Also tweaked the parameters like withewater birth to 60 instead of 100, and lifespan from 2 instead of 4, not sure if this is already enough, or should I take some of them off? here's a video with mesh+whitewater (bubbles+foam) and the whitewater alone. Also, for rendering I think the studio is using arnold, what will be the best approach to render whitewater? as volumes? or cloning spheres like in redshift? Thanks!
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    @CinnamonMetal I just picked an arbitrary range as an example Edit: whoops you were replying to the other
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    if you paid with a credit card you could contact them and explain the situation and see if they will remove the charge.
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    cuz rand returns a float between 0-1 so after generating a random float say...0.2, mult this by say 10...and you'll get 2
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    why are you trying to access that shader in shop? Can't you use /mat?
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    I am working on a way to use one object to dent or impact another object, with a ripple effect around the impact area. The color red is available to create a group out of the impact area. Here is what I have so far. There is a small jump in the result which I have not figured out how to solve yet. ap_matte_vdb_dent_with_ripple.hiplc
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    I did a little writeup about the copy sop and template point attributes here: http://www.toadstorm.com/blog/?p=493 That video by Jeff above is great for a very in-depth rundown, especially with spare parameters and compile blocks.
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    What is your budget? Without knowing the full context it's hard to make recommendations that are meaningful.
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    Hi, Quick setup attached to illustrate the idea. Give it a go. fastGas.hipnc Cheers!
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    https://techreport.com/news/34008/nvidia-announces-geforce-rtx-2080-ti-rtx-2080-and-rtx-2070 Unless you're replacing a very old card, I'd wait to see what kind of support RTX has in the wild. Be a shame to have all those RT cores sitting idle. Edit: replaced with official link
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    Ok, this was a nice learning project, a lot of things can be improved, but i'm done with it and i'll share the source code, as i promised. Hope this will be useful for learning purpose. Happy New Year! YouTube Source code
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    Digging into the particle fluid surface node, I found that when the surface VDB was being converted to polygons, there were four small strips of geo at the bottom of the resulting mesh. The conversion process was not just leaving the top surface geo. Something to do with the surface mask going into convertvdb being slightly the wrong size perhaps? If anyone does run into this, dropping the Regional Voxel Scale on the particlefluidsurface node from default 4 to 3 seems to have fixed it. Caching the surface now so I'll check for bad frames when it's done. Seems like it's maybe just some bad combination of particle separation, voxel size, and regional voxel scale causing the masking VDB to leave a little extra on the bottom edge when converting to polys.
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    here I've even done away with the Group...just do the N right in the Delete itself...
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    hey saetre, this guy will show you around 7:00 mark when u drop a ocean surface shelf, it will make a ocean_evaluate and ocean_surface node. ocean_evalute outputs a texture map the ocean shader uses. if you want your flip mesh to look like a ocean your mesh needs the attributes ocean_evalute will put on it, and a shader with the baked maps.
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    This is H16. To add Displacements you have to build this in to the Core shaders. Core shaders only do surface shading. If you want to add a texture displacement, use displacetyexture VOP. To build a single non-mixing shader, you add two output VOPs one of type surface and one of type displacement after the skinshadercore and displacetyexture. Add a Collect VOP and wire in the two outputs. You also have to add a Properties VOP. RMB (RightMouseButton) on the properties and choose Edit Render Properties. In the dialog that pops up, in the render property list, in the bottom search field type displace. Then find the Mantra > Render and choose all the render properties as in the snapshot image. See the attached Houdini scene file for a working skinshadercore with displacements in /mat. skinshader_with_displace.hiplc
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    Hello, Guys. I wanted to share this with you. Here I am using @Pavel's awesome method. I am building the constraints using the geometry edges. I am really surprised how well this works! For the initial rollup, I am using a VEX method from a fellow from this thread: http://forums.odforce.net/topic/25760-curling-hair-curves-with-vex/#comment-149896 Thanks alot! bullet_cloth.hipnc
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    My setup is 30 mins, not 5 like in maya, but it will give you the idea how to set it up using only Bullet. I'm faking it scattering some rigid objects on the softbody object points and using some 'soft' type of constraint between them. This also gives me the ability to use wrangle code to control the constraints manually. Not the perfect solution but much easier to control. DOP_BulletSoftRigidInteraction_V01.hiplc
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    @koanix5 we have been careful, but this was obviously an error - I'd have thought there would be enough general good will to make people let us know about mistakes like this rather than post something that was clearly not ready for the public.