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    Hey OdForce! Lately I've been doing weekly quick-tips that I'd like to share with you all. Be sure to follow me on youtube & vimeo for new videos. Also, keep an eye out for my new course - Houdini For the Artist - Modeling I which I'll be finishing up shortly. Cheers,
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    See attached file with a purely SOP houdini approach which is the best and easiest, and another one, with a part done in VEX (a pseudo poly extrude). H15.5_hexa_deform.hip
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    For me, your logic is a non-sense: The wrangle node run over input 0 geometry (by points/primitives/etc...). So if you want to create an attribute on the pattern geometry, connect this geometry in input 0, then iterate the others geometry with other inputs to get values. You can NOT set attribute on input2 except if you recreate this geometry in the wrangle node and delete geometry of the input 0.