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    from time to time i have that problem, I've been burned once and now I don't really trust the spreadsheet's order I always order by another column to force a refresh and have it working correctly again. if you managed to make it reproducible maybe is a good idea to send it to sidefx so they can take a look.
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    Over time I have found two solutions that are more-less working when you NEED to do blur in shader but both have it's caveats due to the fact you have to actually raytrace the blur, and generally I always bake the result into bitmap to avoid high render times and/or possible artifacts coming from sampling noise. poor man's trick would be gaussian random VOP added to your position data, like this: this is easy to do but may be hard to sample enough. good in simple cases but forget about using it in more complex shaders. Another option would be gather VOP - that's more capable loop based solution but soon you'll see there are similar caveats as in it's essence you still need to raytrace that blur. check this article for details: https://vfxbrain.wordpress.com/2018/08/28/gather-vex-function/ in general, blurring non-bitmap based patterns seems to be a hard nut to crack. I don't know what are you doing but if it's just blurred dots I'd use COP network (or substance designer), brought that in as a bitmap and worked my shader up from there. cheers.
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    The Screen Window X/Y settings will do the trick, it just isn't represented properly in OpenGL if I remember correctly.
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    you could go to your camera, add Lens Curvature (vm_curvature) from the Rendering Paramters and adjust that, or you use a ASAD lens shader (or build your own). To use it, camera under View -> Projection from "perspective" to "lens shader"
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    Something like this? raise_point_of_contact.hiplc
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    Hi guys, I wanna share a RBD RnD I did recently. I made this after watching the second one of Siggraph 2014 Talk - Art Directing Rigid Body Dynamics as Post-process Fangwei Lee / DreamWorks Animation (http://vimeo.com/100947043) Really appreciate Fangwei Lee helping me https://vimeo.com/106664159 Because I get some messages that want me to share hip file, so here is my scene file wrap_deform_cleanup_ver.hipnc Hope you guys like it Cheers!