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    here's another way hou.currentDopNet().parm('resimulate').pressButton()
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    Ah brilliant, can't believe I didn't know about Rich Lords blog. Thanks ever so much for tokeru as well, such a wealth of information!
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    Here is the same done in Houdini
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    ill build off seans line @Cd = rand(@ptnum); // randomize color @Cd = @Cd.x; // make greyscale @Cd = clamp(@Cd,.25,.75); // clamp to min and max where .25 is your min and .75 is your max edit: lol post in the same minute
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    wire_constraints_16.hip Thanks Gorrod I have just rebuilt this in 16.0.557 and noticed an 8% speed increase not that it was very slow to begin with.
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    1. Make noisy Iso Surface (like, noise($X * 5, $Y * 5, $Z * 5)). Deform with Soft Radius of Edit node or by low-frequency noise. Clip and mirror. 2, 4. Find any reaction diffusion implementation, apply it to a sphere. Rise points by resulting value. 3. Duplicate grids, apply noise, clip and extrude.
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    Since I couldn't figure out how to really fuse and connect points of different wires while still getting the wire solver to work properly I just connected the points with spring contraints. Much easier solution even though there's still lots of space for improvement... wire_constraints.hipnc
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    ok, here is the example file with 4 ways (cache the instance geometry first, both blue nodes ) 1. (Purple) rendering points with instancefile attrib directly through fast instancing 2. (Green) overriding unexpandedfilename intrinsic for any packeddisk primitive copied onto points without stamping 3. (Red) just for comparison Instance SOP, which is using copy stamping inside, so it will be slower than previous methods 4. (Yellow) copying static alembic without stamping and overriding abcframe in this case to vary time for each instance independently (if you need various alembics you can vary abcfilename as well) ts_instance_and_packed_examples_without_stamping.hip
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    Hey Guys, Long time ! Tried my hand at creating short Houdini Video tip under 5 minutes. Had fun doing it. Hope it proves useful to someone Cheers !