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    Vellum + Bullet do not work together yet as far as I know unless they added support for in one of the latest builds.
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    it depends... material names in shape names would be obviously a good thing to have but from my experience, modelers just don't name things as you'd like them to, and it seems to be a waste of everybodys' time to force them to. so I typically just want to have some meaningful names saying what things are, and most importantly, not having objects that are supposed to be made of different materials, fused into a single shape (that's obviously an issue that can only be solved by cherry-picking polygons by hand). Then I typically do attributeStringEdit SOP to add material names to groups of objects. For instance I might want everything called "wood" to have the same material as objects called "planks" and "beams", and also "Beams", "Beam", etc... So I take all these and add "woodMat" at the end of their path names. And then in the wrangle I just filter "woodMat" and assign the material to all these objects. And then the model is likely updated several times, with some new shapes, or some shapes named differently than before etc. So to tackle that, I usually have bright green emissive material (just something really obvious), and the last line in my vex will say: if(s@shop_materialpath == "") s@shop_materialpath = '/mat/green'; so that any shapes that were not picked by my pattern matching for any reason, will render this stand out green color to be immediately noticed. so that's generally my usual material assignment workflow for assets made of many objects. this or stylesheets if objects are packed and I can't unpack them - but mostly I prefer wrangle workflow as I find it more straightforward and it can typically do all I need.
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    And another one, i think even better edges_group_02.hipnc
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    as I said, stylesheets or vex are both good methods. vex allows very straightforward assignments by matching @path names. stylesheets allows assigning materials to packed geometry and more complicated assignment patterns. with simple vex assignment, you'd go like this (in primitive wrangle SOP): if(match('*brick*', s@path)) s@shop_materialpath = '/mat/brickMaterial'; if(match('*wood*', s@path)) s@shop_materialpath = '/mat/woodMaterial'; if(match('*metal*', s@path) || match('*METAL*', s@path)) s@shop_materialpath = '/mat/metalMaterial'; ... this expects a meaningful naming convention, obviously. if you have a good naming, you can specify just a few patterns to batch assign materials to many objects at once. all in single wrangle node. this is also the fastest way to assign many materials I guess (in terms of processing). this method also works well with attributeStringEdit SOP - if you have slightly messy naming of alembic paths, you can fix/unify them first with this SOP and then batch assign materials with vex as shown above.
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    That's super strange. I don't have any issues there, I can see the cone constraint as usual placed at the origin. Can you try with this hip? iii_2.hip
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    Hi Ryuji, you can inset a polygon or polyline with these steps: vector next = normalize( point(0, 'P', (@ptnum + 1) % @numpt) - v@P ); vector prev = normalize( v@P - point(0, 'P', (@ptnum - 1) % @numpt) ); vector avg = normalize(next + prev); vector up = normalize( abs(cross(prev, avg)) ); vector in = cross(avg, up); float dist = dot(next, avg); vector dir = in / dist; v@P += dir * chf('extrude'); Kim Goossens discusses this here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tnDqwcNG20Y
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    this is one way, not very elegant but it works ZGroupLoops.hipnc
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    I got a chance to improve the tornado project a few months ago and here is the result, although it's a fire whirl now :
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    Hi guys, I wanna share a RBD RnD I did recently. I made this after watching the second one of Siggraph 2014 Talk - Art Directing Rigid Body Dynamics as Post-process Fangwei Lee / DreamWorks Animation (http://vimeo.com/100947043) Really appreciate Fangwei Lee helping me https://vimeo.com/106664159 Because I get some messages that want me to share hip file, so here is my scene file wrap_deform_cleanup_ver.hipnc Hope you guys like it Cheers!