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    Hey all, this is a collaborative project directed by Bobby Beck from Pixar (ex employee) and a bunch of artists from all over the world. My role was FX lead/sup so I did both shot works and lead roles on the FX side. All done in Houdini and rendered in Arnold. Thanks for watching and feel free to share it all over. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sl0J4XoARjk
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    Not sure if I understand correctly, but if you want to bake in COPs point attribute in uv space, then VEX works as usual: vector uv = set(X, Y, 0); vector clr = uvsample("op:/obj/geo/geometry", "Cd", "uv", uv); R = clr.x; G = clr.y; B = clr.z; Copy this (replacing path and attribute name) into Snippet VOP inside vopcop2filter and you should have the attribute baked into texture.
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    Could point deform work? Something like this: flip_remesh.hip
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    Many small and middle size studios use Mantra as its core rendering engine (bigger houses uses it as an effects renderer afaik). Yes, it tends to be slower these days - probably anywhere between 20 and 50% compared to its main competitors (Arnold, VRay, PRMan)*. Other than that it's complete, reliable and probably the most flexible solution you can get without digging into SDKs - specially considering the money (1/10 the competitors' price). Slower render time doesn't have to hurt much - depending on your show - if you consider how easy is to render multi level of instances, procedural objects like crowds, procedurally dressing complicated sets and other similar scenarios. You can save a lot of user time using Mantra. On the other hand, if your show has three cartoon characters without hair, Redshift will give you comfort without pain - other than computers magically hanging or refusing to start due to momentarily 'unsupported GPU' just to render again fine right after that... * - Redshift is not good comparison though. It outperforms anything else today available - being the only 'somewhat' production ready GPU based renderer - in case 'somewhat' is your case. ps I would be cautious in front of multiply interiors shots or lots of SSS materials in case of Mantra. Also as any path tracer it becomes multihours adventure with displacement + motion blur + multibouce GI. You better have decent farm in such case (Altus denoiser might also help).
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    If you're interested, be sure to check out the course right here: http://bit.ly/2tEhWFN L-systems offer a great way of procedurally modeling geometry, and with these skills, you'll be able to create a wide variety of complex objects. If you've ever wanted to create foliage, complex fractal geometry, or spline-based models from scratch, then L-systems offers you a procedural way of doing so. Unlike many other tutorials, this course aims to address the topic in an easy-to-follow, technical, and artistic way. In addition to L-systems, you'll learn more about instancing and how to work efficiently with Houdini. We'll be rendering out millions of polygons with both Mantra and Redshift while aiming to optimize render times as much as possible. These optimizations are applicable across a wide variety of 3D topics. Large scale environment creation, destruction, crowds, and real-time render engines are all examples of other 3D topics which will benefit from this course. Thank you for watching!
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    I had similar problem , Problems went away when I checked of " Multi-tread obj extraction " and " Multi-tread Packed geo extraction" In the Main tab of the Redshift render rop. Let me know how it goes Cheers.
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    Are you monitoring the heat on your GPUs while rendering? They might be getting hot and dropping into thermal protection mode? 3 980ti = 750watts, motherboard can use up to 50. 80 plus power supply means you need to draw 1200 watts to get 1000 watts (roughly). It might be worth monitoring your power supply as well. https://www.cpuid.com/softwares/hwmonitor.html
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    you might be running out of RAM, also what version of RS are you using? Also, go to the Redshift Menu > PLugins options > Debug and check Verbose so you can see what exactly is going on. One more question what drivers are you using and system Specs? But yes if you put you post in RS forum Juanjo will help for sure with the log.
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    If possible, it might be easier to sim the whole thing first, then carve it away later. I didn't change much from the default sim parameters but it gets what I mean across. My nodes are in red. You could do some neat stuff w/find shortest path sop, too. RnD_Embroidering_v202_odforce_jr.hip
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    esto es inspirador Caskal
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    Added support for Heterogeneous medium. Decoupled Ray Marching & Equiangular Sampling: Default Mantra render (same time): Example file included in repository.
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    Finally I did it. I used point cloud open VOP. I find the trick in a handy example which comes with Houdini. spreading_attribute_over_time.hip