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    You can adjust 'paper' quality in Cloth... vu_VellumTickets.hiplc
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    I know their are already a lot of threads on this topic but I can't seem to find one that matches my situation. Maybe i'm approaching this all wrong by using pin to target to begin with. I would like to create a raffle machine type effect where a very long stream of tickets come out of a slot into a box. Right now I am using pin to target with a geowrangle inside the vellum solver to change the stiffness value to a low number as the tickets enter the box. if i make the stiffness value a really tiny value this will work and prevent the tickets from getting pulled into the side of the box but it seems like i could take a better approach. any ideas? thanks in advance! lottery2.hip
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    In general very happy in the direction everything is going. As a generalist that moved 100% over to Houdini I would love to see working in the viewport keep being improved. Shift drag to clone/instance objects. Same with modelling. Select edges, shift click drag to pull out new polys etc. Thumbnails on all nodes in the material networks would be great, especially on composite, color corrects etc.
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    Trying out Alexey Vanzhula's modeling tools called Direct Modeling Tools. Awesome workflow and it speeds up the process allot. I had no idea what to model so it's a bit long. Video of the process here. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PaQ3ZgyDJEo
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    The sin hscript expression function takes degrees (unlike I think the VEX one).
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    Hi, does Houdine have something like an Edit Edge Flow in Maya or Flow Conform in Max? As you can see you can add more detail to the surface. It is something like add an edge loop and scale but of curse a lot faster and topology conform.
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    I have added the asset. https://www.orbolt.com/being_reviewed/mifth::mifth_move_flow
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    there is a plugin which reads FBX, and it's up to Adobe to not cripple their software but open it natively to abc/fbx instead of SideFX developing something! use a subnet either click 'move to centroid' and then reset the transform values or make yourself a preset with $CEX, $CEY, $CEZ for pivot. There's no need to cram the interface with a ton of options you can easily make yourself play with screen window size. yes, it's not the most user friendly way but it works lights have a handle to orient them towards a point. (just tried it with point and spotlight but the others have that too i think) Lasso select (F3) when rendering to mplay it shows the rendertime for each frame top right corner use output node
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    I'll just repeat my H15.5, H16, H16.5, H17 number one wish then: Finally get the built in VEX editor up to snuff. Make it a real code editor. Pretty Please :-) The most important improvement for me would be showing the parameters of a function right there in the editor, but many other things from editors like Code, Komodo Edit etc. would also make Houdini much better to code in. Thanks and Cheers, Tom
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    an escape button, which stop the cooking INSTANTLY. sometimes i (and i know others as well) switch up the copy node inputs and run out of ram.