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    nature.hipnc just to say hello and share some stuffs. /cnc_verkstad/ Tesan Srdjan
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    Creating geometry beforehand is not a bad idea, because it lets you tweak otherwise hard to control process. Do you have a depth for you image? (from a render or stereo camera, or the challange is to create an illusion of such?). In case you want to go right from pixels to voxels and you have some depth channel, the example uses Houdini's render with P-plane, which holds depth in (RG)B channel. Anyhow it's just a gray image after all... volume_from_depth.hipnc btw:
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    I have a bit of experience with flames. What you want to control for the shape are a few things: Source of your fuel, how much density is coming out and how fast. Disconnect this resolution from your pyro shape so you have less trouble changing up the pyro resolution. Simulation: Cooling Rate / Temperature Diffusion, closer to 1 and 0 respectivly for tighter control in the Shape tab... Combustion: Gas Released, as low as possible. This is more for explosions, but it can give you some ooomph. Burn Rate / Fuel Inefficiency, closer to 1 and 0 respectivly for quicker flames. Shape: Disturbance, control tightly with temperature. You'll want to preview this. And overall: Test, test, test. Pyro is difficult. Work rough to fine, coarse to high resolution. And only on as few frames as possible for look.
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    Hi Justin, in order to fill a voxel field with image pixels put this code in a volumewrangle after a volume node: vector bbox = relbbox(0, v@P); vector map = colormap(chs('image'), bbox.x, bbox.y); f@density = luminance(map);
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    You can use hou.Node.errors() or hou.Node.warnings() to get at any error/warning information
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    @caskal with regards to scrolling the ladders, you could switch your settings so that the lowest button on your pen is a middle click, and your upper button is a right click. This way you have access to all 3 clicks (gently tab your pen on the table is a left click). this allows you to navigate houdinis interface just with the pen.
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    Wow! Realized there was only one control point in the Bone's geo network... changed my setup to rely on a group of actual surface points on the mesh and the rivet worked great. Thanks for the tip!
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    It actually tracks also rotation and scale but you must point to to a set of points on a tracked surface (as a point group or as points' indices). It will then use its positions to compute orientation frame or you can also create orthogonal frame on points and ask Rivet to use them instead (it will probably work faster that way). I don't know if this is best option to constrain OBJ to FBX bone, but just for the record, you can use Rivet for it.
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    Simon holmedal has serveral tutorials out and about! I suggest you dig around.
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    hey! here is a basic setup with some ideas how to get started : ) hope this helps- text.hip
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    Hi, here's one probable solution.. * Also, whenever using the Attribute Randomize SOP for creating the orient attribute, just make sure to always tick normalize. H15.5.607 Indie Align2Surface_v3.hiplc
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    I go to 'skin' node within the biped deform rig and switch the display flag on the capture bones node so I can edit the capture regions without deforming the geometry. this might be a little late for a reply but why do you want to edit the capture regions of the bones, wouldn't it be easier to jump inside the skin node and adjust the weights in the paint weights tool. there is a fairly comprehensive video about this on the side fx website for rigging quadrapeds, its the same procedure with bipeds in autorigging. check it out. but if you have to work with tools in the view port they are usually selected by going to the appropriate node and pressing the enter key in the view port. sometimes I have to press enter a couple times to enter the tool. hope that helps.
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