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    Like image or ? untitled.wav
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    Hi How are the tests going?
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    Hello, I have an experiment where I want to create sounds from a set of deforming curves, like the strings of an instrument. For that I'm driving the pitch control of an oscillator. It works just fine for one curve, and also with several if I set them up one by one. However, in the end I'd like to have a lot of curves and I wanted to get them all in via one geometry node in my chop network. Using the point name attribute in the geometry node I have all my channels coming in correctly. i.e prim_0_pitch1, prim_0_pitch2, prim_n_pitch1 etc. I couldn't figure out how to make use of the channel groups iteration method of the foreach node and ended up iterating over the whole set "over numbers" and deleting all channels I don't want. Sadly I can't feedback like in a sop foreach to get all the channels back again.. I'm stuck and I'd be glad for some hints, or maybe there is a better approach? Thanks in advance! seb soundstrings_test.hipnc PS: Another strange thing - whenever I connect the foreach loop to the out null, the filesize increases to 30mb (from 400kb) and the only way to fix that is deleting the foreach node - in any case, to hear the sound please connect it after opening!
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    Not an image, like a .WAV file. I tried the menu shown, it worked. Thanks, I didn't realize Houdini could do that.
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    Here's the scenefile, It's one hell of a mess, but you can still get throught it. Houdini_destruction_v003_t001.hipnc
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    Heyya! Over the past couple of days I've been building and extending this, at it's core very simple, Noise generator tool. It's called, incredibly intuitively: Noiser. I've gotten quite sick of always doing the same simple Noise-VOP over and over again so I built this nifty tool that saves me a small but accumulating amount of time (and energy) every time I need some noise. I'm really fond of it and it rarely takes me more than a couple of minutes into any project that I drop it down. Here's a quick video demonstration: https://vimeo.com/271007816 And the DL: noiser.hda and a simple demo screen of the defaults: And that's the relatively simple setup. I hope someone else will find it as useful as I do! Cheers, Martin PS: I just found a volume-noise tool in my OTLs-folder, so I thought I'd just share this as well. Practically the same thing working for both SDFs and Volumes (VDB & Primitive). vol_noise.hda
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    Very cool stuff! Congratulations! How long have you been working on these?
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    soundstrings_test2.hipnc Here's another file where I've set up manually what would like to do with any given amount of curves. (sounds pretty awful )
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    Straight VEX based volume deformation with no geometry conversion in between.
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    Hello! I just wanted to give an update on my houdini project I redid my lost felt, got the rest of the model and I did some shading with mantra. I used substance painter to make the maps and I really like how easy it was to integrate them into houdini! There's a bunch of udims but the whole thing just uses one shader which is awesomely easy! Well.. some more work to be done... !