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    Yea, you'll want to use frame delay on the gas resize fluid dynamic node until the main part of sim starts (or until you already have good enough motion in the sim). Either that or disable it completely and just make sure your container is big enough for the whole sim. I think most of the time I only really need this for the first 10 frames or so then I switch to auto-resize.
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    Their are many ways to do it. I included two very simple ways to do it, just using some micro-solvers. I just have that running a few frames before sourcing my main sim. break.hip
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    Someone can help you if you put up the code here and tell us what you've tried already. No one has the book/lessons you're working from.
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    Adding some curl noise to vel field before dop is right way. Usually I check range of the speed and use disturbance to specific values like 2-4 in range with disturbance 4-6 its usually add more brakes to high speed parts
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    sticky pillows....ewl.... vu_vellumstickyballs2.hiplc
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    I've experienced that before, usually resetting the view zoom (H) should fix it