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    Just a tip from some one watching x amount of reels every month... Tone down or drop the music.
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    Look at the local scheduler it defines where the working directory and such are pointing. https://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini/nodes/top/localscheduler.html
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    You can turn a wide grid into a ring using sine and cosine on the bounding box of the grid. That way you can also create UVs on the fly. float radius_inner = chf('inner_radius'); float radius_outer = chf('outer_radius'); vector bbox = relbbox(0, v@P); vector bbpi = fit01(bbox, -M_PI, M_PI); vector uv = set(bbox.z, bbox.x, 0.0); v@uv = uv; vector pos = set( cos(bbpi.x), 0.0, sin(bbpi.x) ); pos *= fit01(bbox.z, radius_outer, radius_inner); v@P = pos; saturn_rings.hipnc
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    Please post your file ... maybe you are close ...who knows @damighost learn this procedure , then combine Entagma tutos...and you have yupiiiiiiii..... techi.hipnc
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    QLight is awesome!!! Thank you.
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    My Vimeo Profile is online too for Tutorials https://vimeo.com/user95633319
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    I would avoid slow for each loop whenever it's possible. Voronoi Pieces will generate name attribute. You can set group membership (with padding) with primitive wrangle like this: string group_name = sprintf("piece_%04d",opdigits(@name)); setprimgroup(0, group_name, @primnum, 1, "set"); s@name = group_name; //update name It's much faster. But if you don't have to, just use that attribute directly.