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    Pixelkram / Moritz S. (of Entagma) and I are proud to announce MOPs: an open-source toolkit for creating motion graphics in Houdini! MOPs is both a suite of ready-to-use tools for solving typical motion graphics problems, and a framework for building your own custom operators easily. More information is available from our website: http://www.motionoperators.com Enjoy!
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    You can set up constraints pretty easy with RBD Cluster SOP and RBD Constraint Properties SOP. If you switch the Cluster Type on RBD Cluster to "Group Constraints" it sets up groups for you, so you can have different constraints for the clusters and between clusters for example.
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    Like this! Steven Knipping got a great series on Bullet / RBDs. Credits to him for the method showcased in the attached file. clustered_glue.hiplc
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    You can do this too just change Gather Method to Merge Each Iterations on Block End. It will work with one Block Begin only. MultipleMorphsAndForEach_03.hipnc
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    Rohan Dalvi gives some tips on how to control particles in a similar sort of way in this video -
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    Hi all, I had been doing a rnd project on how to generate knitted garments in Houdini lately. And one my inspiration was from a project which was done by Psyop using Fabric engine and the other one is done by my friend Burak Demirci. Here are the links of them. http://fabricengine.com/case-studies/psyop-part-2/ https://www.artstation.com/artist/burakdemirci Some people asked to share my hip file and I was going to do it sooner but things were little busy for me. Here it is, I also put some sticky notes to explain the process better, hope it helps. Also this hip file is the identical file of the one that I created this video except the rendering nodes https://vimeo.com/163676773 .I think there are still some things that can be improved and maybe done in a better way. I would love to see people developing this system further. Cheers! Alican Görgeç knitRnD.zip
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    Hi here is one method Cheers E emitter_tex.hiplc