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    Hello, friends! Finally, after 19 months of work, I finish my first Houdini project. This is a music video for my friend I did to learn Houdini. Rendered with 3x3 sampling on my laptop that`s why it`s so noisy. Working on the project, I develop an abstract production pipeline for Houdini called "Eve". It is a project management tool which can handle a large amount of data: https://github.com/kiryha/Houdini Thank you all for your support, it would not be done without your help! Cheers!
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    Looks great. and fun. Huge project for one person! My last project I worked as Tech anim/CFX artist and just can not keep on looking at all those floating charters and feet intersections... Other than that looks really great. Good job.
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    "Серые дома на фоне синего неба, выглядят оху**но!!!" Big work for one person, congratulation! Nice music btw.
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    On the assemble SOP, click on "create packed geometry" for packing your geo. Rbdpackedobject can't work with regular geometry since it requires intrinsic attributes like packedfulltransform, pivot and similar
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    A combination of animated restlength and your suggestion for collision object to get nice ball shape.
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    I was playing today with an L-system tree and grains funnily enough, then read your post. Had a go at changing my setup to a simple grow anim (more just a scale up and bend really), kinda works. Give it a go with your setup: tree_grain_grow.hip
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    There're known as "index pair" attributes. Last I looked, I think they can only be created in the HDK, but can be queried from HOM.