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    Amazing stuff, relay nice work.
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    Houdini's handles are implemented on a per product basis. So Maya does not have them, but Unity does. They can be implemented, but there probably hasn't been a large request. Also Houdini supports more handles types than most 3D programs so there is a bit of picking and choosing on what you want to be integrated. Generally when it comes to Handles studios implement their own custom variety. https://www.sidefx.com/docs/maya/ https://www.sidefx.com/docs/unity/_handles.html
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    Getting better, trying a fakey way of setting attachment points. I know the right way is to run this in a proper dopnet rather than the vellum solver, but meh... vellum_worm_guy_v02.hip
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    This is more comedy than horror, but might give you some ideas. Need a better way to stick the worms to the character, right now I'm just doing a lowbrow 'find the closest point and head there, plus up a bit', so the worms throw themselves in a rather madcap way. I'm sure you or someone else can improve on this! vellum_worm_guy.hip
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    At frame 2:37, I assume he is pushing himself off the ground, but his arm is penetrating the ground. Over all it is good, but since that is a close up shot it may be noticeable.
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    this is really insane, so much going on and you rendered it on a laptop very impressive I would say you have learned Houdini animation and modeling
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    You're not using the same operating system or hardware as the original poster and this thread is four years old. Please don't do this. Open a new thread.
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    This is really great.The effects of these loops are exquisite and ingenious
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    This is not a trivial request. If you want to hire someone to do your work for you please see https://forums.odforce.net/forum/44-studios/ and offer a reasonable rate.
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    I just disabled Nahimic at start and it seems to work, I run a quick sim and I could work nicely. It looks like it was this thing which was in conflict with the gpu, but seems to be fixed now. Sometimes GPU is conflicted with audio features (like Nahimic) and it makes the gpu crash. What is your motherboard ?
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    Here's my attempt! Plus bonus Gif!!! Also check my education thread for a curve roller! JR_AngleMinimizer.hip