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    Thought it would be cool to share some R&D i worked on for creating a flame FX without doing any simulation purely through deforming geo. A pretty simple FX nothing too crazy but i though i should share it as some people might be trying to do similar things. I've included the Hip file as well as notes explaining the vop workflows. I'm very much a novice to Houdini's more technical side so excuse any rookie mistakes, critique welcome as well if you think i can improve my workflow. Non_Simulated_Flame.hipnc
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    these are so great! thank you for sharing.
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    This is a great tutorial for candle flame. It's not in English, but easy enough to follow along. If I remember correctly the "Timescale" setting of your pyro sim is one of the most important parameters for getting away from that campfire look.
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    Sure. Attaching file for Houdini 17. This should work in Houdini 16 as well. Let me know if something does not look right. ssh_kelvin_wake.hipnc
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    hey all i thought i'd add to this as i've been banging my head off it for most of today alembic with maya seems to suck goat cheese... i tried a heap of things to get the uvs out... anyway i read on another thread that someone used an attribute promote to transfer the vertex uvs to point uvs before they exported. this made no sense but i gave it a go and weirdly it worked?! fbx seems to have work for still frames but a sequence wouldn't play ball annoyingly dont know whats going on there. (i'm using maya 2015.5 btw here for the lolz)