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    Using the "Planar Patch From Curves" gives really nice results. Leaf_v0103.hiplc
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    If you want something more visual you could always use the Mops Fall-offs or I believe in 17.5 H also add it a falloff node, which in my opinion isn't that great or you also have Lynx by Luca https://www.motionoperators.com/
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    Check out Matt's setups. http://www.tokeru.com/cgwiki/index.php?title=HoudiniDops#Emit_packed_prims_into_RBD_sim
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    Thank you very much, guys The Planar Patch from Curves was exactly what I was looking for in the beginning although Fred's example gave me some great insides! Still a lot of work to make it good but its going were i want Leaf_v0111.hip
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    alternatively just append Repack SOP after native Assemble SOP and check Repack Packed Fragments
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    May be somthing like this ? It's not too bad except at the end of the leaf. Probably some tethraedralize node (wich I'm not comfortable with) settings. Hope that helps. Leaf_v0102 F.hip
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    Unwrap the mesh (right) before deformation (left): Assign zigzag UVs to the curve (right) and transfer positions from the mesh based on both UVs (left): spiral_mesh.hipnc
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    couple of things: - you are finding 2 closest points, but excluding the first, since the first is the closest, you are risking the intersections with it - even checking just the first, will not guarantee no intersections, cause closest point can have small radius so it can satisfy the distance constraint, but the second or third closest can have big radius and actually intersect you new point even though it's further, so you'd have to check all points within 2*maxpscale radius - to avoid all this, use pcfind_radius() which directly checks against pscale intersections, also you can directly use uvdist() to avoid having uvmesh here is modified code and the file: int primid; vector primuv; vector pos_uvw = rand(@Time) * {1, 1, 0}; float dist_uv = uvdist(1, "uv", pos_uvw, primid, primuv); if( dist_uv < 1e-5 ){ vector pos_geo = primuv(1, 'P', primid, primuv); float rad_pt = fit01( rand(@Time + 45), 0.02, 0.1 ); int pts_close[] = pcfind_radius(0, "P", "pscale", 1, pos_geo, rad_pt, 1); if( len(pts_close) == 0){ int pt_add = addpoint(0, pos_geo); setpointattrib(0, 'pscale', pt_add, rad_pt, 'set'); } } dart_throwing_mod.hiplc
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    I pared the scene right back and rebuilt it using stuff I learned at the start of the year, its behaving as expected now I think. constrain_to_animated_anchors_matts_soft_rotation.hipnc
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    http://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini/copy/instanceattrs.html cubes_orient_to_line_toadstorm.hipnc
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    for those who are wondering: I found out I need to adjust the speed. Lower winds create higher frequency waves. It seems to look much better than adjusting the grid size, you do not see all that tiling in the texture.