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    Exactly, that's the way I interpreted it speaking with the demo guys at Siggraph. Basically we're seeing a transformation of the /obj context from a geometry AND scene building context to predominantly a geometry building and animation context. The idea that I can work on my assets in /obj, do all my texturing, animation etc. there, and then jump into LOPS to bring everything together and work in a very optimized way makes 100% sense and I'm glad that Solaris isn't a separate application which would negate most of the benefits of the workflow that H18 is proposing. What we are witnessing is SideFX re-inventing VFX and CGI as we know it. While Maxon is busy improving bevels, and Autodesk is busy revealing their version of the Houdini Indie license, SideFX is completely re-imagining the CG pipeline with PDG earlier this year, and Solaris in a couple of months. Most people won't even quite realize what is happening until in a couple of years it will all click into place (perhaps with some yet undisclosed newer SideFX offerings that they're probably busy preparing right now). It's like a very clever Chess strategy, with seemingly unrelated moves that ultimately come together beautifully and check mate the competition. Watch and see....
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    This is what I'm really looking forward to, efficient lighting of scenes involving hundreds of lights and assets. It's really become commonplace now, and with now pretty much all render engines having transitioned to path tracing it's now much harder to use some of the old tricks for "faking it".
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    I think that what we have seen at siggraph it’s impressive , lops and karma looks amazing so thanks sidefx for this big effort (the community was expecting something and you guys just did it better ) ! Good job ! few points for next improvements though ! -better flipbook: actually it is is really good , love it, the sequence list is a bit confusing , there should be some way to fire up a flipbook with some proper name instead of just the time it was created so it’s more easy to compare. The export dialogue needs some love too. At least some sort of preset saving. We can use OpenGL rop , but flipbook it’s just click and go and for indie user that do motion graphic it is really important. Missing C4d easy of use sometimes for this kind of frequent operations ; ) - possibility to import in to the viewport foreground or background images/ sequences possibly with alpha to help us with shots and change as well the color of the safe bars -the post from sebkaine looks dope, have the possibility to save snapshot from viewport inside the node graph is cool, also background images should be included inside hip file to make easier to share hip file with images notes or whatever -the pre-flight tool is cool , some improvements to manage directly files inside it would be awesome, also if we can sort files from kind type would be nice - look dev is very important, glad you introduced hierarchy in lops, this is exactly what I was expecting! Btw in geo context it feels very slow to select cameras and lights. If we can move and select those directly in the node graph or viewport like in C4d would be great . Btw with lops workflow will change so I’m not sure ! : ) - drag and drop files or images like texture or files inside viewport asking with which node open it up is kind of a must feature to speed up workflow . As well the load and save dialogue (at least in windows) needs some serious upgrade -hope to see soon some pbd interaction with rigidbodies -a good and solid solver for macro fluids is really missing -pdg are great but I don’t get how to use for simple wedging operation on all cores running one sim with attribute wedges one by one , should be easier , the information on the manual is almost incomplete right now! -a lot of masterclass tutorials! In the last months they were awesome ! Thanks sidefx team! EDIT -Cops are amazing , with karma and the usd workflow I expect to create in real-time textures that are applied to viewport. Please give cops some love !! We have a tool that looks just like substance designer!! -the animation keyframe editor needs some update too, it has to be more solid, too many bugs and missing functionality compared to other toolset
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    You can do it pretty much the same way as Mantra, but you need to make sure to uncheck "non-blocking current frame rendering" in the Rop main tab
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    Ok. here is the updated version on fields.. previously it wasn't working. in gas field vop, distance and speed ramp(promoted outside) controls how particles stick to the surface. spheredripping01.hip