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    the meta data block, (which you can generate with a button from the input of a foreach) will give you a detail attribute, with the current data its looping over "value", incase you are running over numbers as well as an "iteration" attribute, you can use in other cases. you can use those values, to make sure your wrangle fetches the right data/does the right thing, depending on the iteration of the loop. Also, generally speaking, putting everything in a single wrangle only gives you a very slight performance increase in terms of overhead, which is almost always outweighed, by the multi threading benefit you get from using multiple nodes. In addition, the overhead can be completely eliminated by using a compile block (which only really starts to make sense with larger numbers of nodes, or if you are taking the loop approach)
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    I tried so many ways to get my 1080ti to work with Ubuntu 18.04 but no luck (it worked a few months ago), anyone got it to work recently? or any other linux distro actually, I don't mind... found the solution here, in case anyone's interested: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GljujCLixzE I got the Drivers Version 430.40 working on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS
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    Hi All, I just pulled down the compact car rig on Orbolt, supplied by SideFX. I am using it in H16 and I notice the wheels do not auto-rotate when moving along the path. Also the steering does not seem to work either. Is this just a broken asset? Or is the RIG supposed to rotate the tires automatically when driving along a path? The video on Orbolt shows the steering and wheel rotation working. ap_compact_car_RIG_050117.hiplc
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    you can use loop to blur any procedural pattern generated inside of the shader. watch the H15 loops masterclass on sidefx site. one of the examples shows that in VOP context. it shouldn't be that hard to translate to SHOP.