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    "The Book of Tom" All you are is a system of memories Houdini, Redshift. Cheers, Tom
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    Well for the stepping problem, i think it was caused by me accidentally sampling the interpolation data from scattered points as opposed to interpolating directly on the volume. The tool works well enough for my use-case, but the volume doesn't match 1:1 with the line, which is frustrating.. so maybe I'll have time to fix it in the future Feel free to improve /update and post it back up volumedeformBySpline_v05.hipnc
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    Broken down into more comprehensible steps: vector uv = relbbox(0, v@P); vector crv_0 = primuv(1, 'P', 0, uv.z); vector crv_1 = primuv(1, 'P', 1, uv.x); vector crv_2 = primuv(1, 'P', 2, uv.z); vector crv_3 = primuv(1, 'P', 3, uv.x); vector start_0 = primuv(1, 'P', 0, 0); vector start_2 = primuv(1, 'P', 2, 0); vector end_0 = primuv(1, 'P', 0, 1); vector end_2 = primuv(1, 'P', 2, 1); vector ipol = lerp(crv_0, crv_2, uv.x); ipol += lerp(crv_1, crv_3, uv.z); vector fit_0 = lerp(start_0, end_0, uv.z); vector fit_2 = lerp(start_2, end_2, uv.z); v@P = ipol - lerp(fit_0, fit_2, uv.x);
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    Hey Jon! Thanks for the reply. I should have specified- this is for post-sim deformation, and I was only using the tube as test geo- so doing to deformation on the geometry would not be possible in the theoretical setup. I think I got something working though - volumeDeformBySpline_HW20190813.mp4 missiles_v02.mp4
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    @jayhem & @btangonan: So I dug out this old file from 2016 and updated it to Houdini 17.5. Download it here: Coral_Growth_2019.hiplc As was said in above post, the rendering wasn't Mantra but Thea Render. Cheers, Tom
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    the attached file shoud do the trick. hth. petz blerp_1.hiplc
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    It looks you can swap in other mesh shapes. ap_pig_rain_05.hiplc
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    there was a post on custom stick from old school Jeff on the sidefx forum, modified that for h17 file attached , it uses gas match field , so you could set up stick for each object dont know if this was the question, but here you go custom_stick.hiplc
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    Solved by Peter Sanitra @ Redshift Render community facebook group. Uploading the updated hip file. So: 1. you have to compute the velocity of points before the boolean, then use a atribute transfer to transfer the velocity from that preboolean to the new boolean geo. 2. go to redshift per object parameters (OBJ level) - Settings - Render and activate Deformation Blur From Velocity Attribute , so you force redshift to compute the motion from your velocity atribute from points. Done! I hope my full morning investigation will be usefull for you guys! Keep growing! mberror_solved.hiplc
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    ok, here is the example file with 4 ways (cache the instance geometry first, both blue nodes ) 1. (Purple) rendering points with instancefile attrib directly through fast instancing 2. (Green) overriding unexpandedfilename intrinsic for any packeddisk primitive copied onto points without stamping 3. (Red) just for comparison Instance SOP, which is using copy stamping inside, so it will be slower than previous methods 4. (Yellow) copying static alembic without stamping and overriding abcframe in this case to vary time for each instance independently (if you need various alembics you can vary abcfilename as well) ts_instance_and_packed_examples_without_stamping.hip
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    Well, scaling it up is not a bad idea at all. As long as you keep in mind that your forces will change and so on. Scaling it up pre-sim, changing the "spartial scale" value in the flip-solver(Tab Volume motion , Tab Solver) also a bit of tweaking to your forces, time scale, and so on. Sometimes I don't even change the spartial scale and just play with the forces in the Sim to achieve the wanted effect. But yeah don't touch the SPH-solver. So yeah, what I am trying to say is that the main idea of scaling it up is not bad. But as Javier was saying how you adjust your sim in order to match your ref will always be a different struggle.