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    Hello Houdini Users, Today we celebrates the 25th Anniversary of Jeff (Old School) Wagner joining SideFX! Over the past 25 years Jeff has helped so many of our customers learn Houdini through his detailed Tech Support replies. His insightful online tutorials. And his enthusiastic live presentations. Jeff has never run out of exciting new things to show us in Houdini, (and Prisms in the early days). If you would like share your experiences of watching Jeff's classes please do so. And take a moment to wish him a Happy Anniversary! All the best, Jenny Blacklock. Technical Support Manager SideFX
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    HEllo , i was very surprised when i discover today you change the deal we made Alexey ! We deal : DM 1.0 (with possibility of updating to 2.0) for an amount of money. No you have change the deal . It's not this way that work. You cannot change the deal by your own. you have to ask everyone wich have do this deal with you to find a new deal. You are not D.TRUMP, don't act like him. it's not business it's bullshit. If you respect your community, it will grow like you never expect. If not, you will loose it. You can ask in gumraod to people to give what they want by explaining that it was a lot of work more than expected and you need money. I'm sure people like me are ready to support someone wich work hard. you gain support and credibility this way.
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    I am working on a big destruction job and I’m trying to optimise our workflow as much as possible. my usual workflow: - cache a single frame of my fractured geo as packed fragments - import rbd sim and create point per rbd piece (dop import) then lighting would import these two caches and use transform pieces. This works well since we only cache a single frame of the fractured geo, and the cache for the rbd points is very small. however the geo is still written into the ifd file every frame, which can be quite large. So, is it possible to specify the geo needed for the whole sequence and then have mantra transform the geo at render time (the same as transform pieces). This would make the ifd’s tiny an alternative method is to write each fractured piece out as a separate file then copy empty packed disk primitves to the rbd points then use the unexpandfilename intrinsic to expand it at render time. This makes tiny and fast ifd files which is great but seems quite slow to render - probably because it has to pull so many files from disk (1000s of pieces).. is it possible to do the render time transform pieces approach or does anybody have a better method? (The two I’ve mentioned are fine I’m just trying to optimise it!)
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    Just closed your add then added a polypath. Here you go: spider_v02.hipnc (oh and add a fuse after your merge before it goes into the vellum so makes it one object )
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    Hey Alexey, As I commented on the Facebook post, you have a right to price your work at whatever you want. What you do have to consider is that consumers don't take a decision to part with their money lightly, and what we especially don't like is to part with our money and then feel like we haven't got what we bargained for. My grievance is that I feel like releasing an upgrade just months after the previous and then expecting the user to pay almost full price is just wrong. I can tell you now that if I knew there was another release around the corner when I purchased (that I would have to pay for), then not only would I have not bought the plugin at the time, but i'd likely not purchase at all knowing that my version may be out of date in a couple of months. It seems other users are in an even worse situation than myself, in where they were previously promised a free upgrade and have since been told they have to pay. You can't just move the goalposts when you feel like and expect other people to be happy with it. Set your prices however you please, but my friendly advice to you is that if you keep doing things the way you are doing, then you will soon be in a position where very few people will buy from you. Reputation is everything! If you really want repeat business from existing customers, then do some research - maybe introduce a maintenance system or licensing system so that is there is 100% transparency over what they are getting when they purchase. One final note and just a little food for thought to help you see where the frustration comes from - your plugin is just under half the price of Houdini itself, and now you're telling me that my version is out of date after just three months of release (not just the purchase date, but the actual release date!)? I'm about 10 months into my Indie license, and since then i've had Houdini 17, Houdini 17.5 and who knows, maybe i'll even get a couple of months with Houdini 18.
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    Hi, I try to offset a texture with a For Loop in a shader. In the example file you can see I iterate 5 times and offset the texture 0.1 units with each iteration. Is it possible to combine all of the iteration steps and show the result of that in the rendered image? Like in the attached picture where I painted in the desired result with red. kind regards Jon forLoop_VexBuilder.hip
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    Like i say Alexey, i really can understand your situation. The fact is business have rules. if you break the rules business is collapsing. You must repsect the rules and we must respect the rules too. If you need peoples help you to work on your tool more than you expect at the begining, respect the rules first and ask us to help you by giving us something is exchange or nothing. You can explain on the update page your situation and asking people to give what they can, want... there is a lot of gumroad business where peoples give how many they want. and sometimes it's more than you expect. This way, you make a community growing, because we speak around us about our tools . we love our tools. I want to help you and i'm ready to pay for 2.0. But not like that ,not if you change the rules. I will just stop using you tool and go away. but if you give it like it was said, i'm ready to give something to help you because i love my tools, everytools i buy wich help me to work better.(even if i've never had a chance to really try DM at this times) Make what you think you think right. we do too. have a nice day.
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    Hey Jiri! I actually broke this talk down a few days ago, and spent a few days trying to construct the topo, using parts of, and even the whole tool straight up. There's definitely a bunch of strong learning opportunity there, but unfortunately couldn't get it to work properly for what I was doing. That's a me problem though because while reading vex is pretty easy to me, writing it without help is super difficult at the moment. Must be the art side of me lmao.
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    Hi Alexey, Last year you said the upgrade from DM1 to DM 2.0 was going to be free, how do current DM users get the new version? thanks
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    I was looking at the following clip. Around 1.42, it is mentioned about combustion model using oxygen and carbon ratio to simulate large scale explosions. Anyone have any insight of this method / knowledge on the internet? Will be interesting to know. Thanks
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    If you are trying to make a rock maybe this could help:
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    not perfect, but that would be my approach knot.hipnc
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    That is a long-standing "bug", if you didn't put import hou in hou.session module, it will work until first error (any python exception), once you get an error, hou module gets lost for some reason. So, just always do import hou.
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    if anyone needs compiled for 14.0.258 vc11 here is the dll file SIM_SnowSolver.rar
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    if someone is interested to know more about the MPM solver used for Disney, here a guy who developed a Material Point Method Solver for houdini. https://github.com/Azmisov/snow
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    he did like businessman honest mistake Stop now .... soon he's gonna adjust everything .. Lets model some stuffffss yupiiiiiiiii