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    Few tips and tricks to manipulate gas simulation. 1. Independent resolution grid. E.g. Overriding vel grid size independent to a density grid. 2. Creating additional utilities. E.g. gradient, speed, vorticity and etc which can be used to manipulate forces. 3. Forces via VEX and some example snippets. smokesolver_v1.hipnc P.S. Some of this technique are not Open CL friendly though.
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    Try PBRrefract instead of PBRreflect.
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    Oh wow! That works perfectly! Thanks for all the explanations!
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    Hi Julien, you need to first transform the point to its local coordinate space before applying the rotation. This is done via (@P-hit_P), then you apply the matrix and finally restore the transform to the world position by adding hit_P again. vector @P; // Get the nearest hit attributes int hit_prim_id = -1; vector hit_prim_uv; xyzdist(1,@P,hit_prim_id,hit_prim_uv); vector hit_P = primuv(1,"P",hit_prim_id,hit_prim_uv); vector hit_N = normalize(primuv(1,"N",hit_prim_id,hit_prim_uv)); // Rotate around the nearest hit point matrix m = ident(); float angle = radians(ch('amount')); rotate(m, angle, hit_N); @P = (@P-hit_P) * m + hit_P; I've gone ahead and updated your file. I've also switched to the xyzdist() instead of nearpoint() function to always get a smoothly interpolated Position and Normal. If you have further questions let me know Cheers, Luca Vex_pointRotateAroundCurveAxisFixed.hiplc
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    Hi, if you made a curve and that your normal is a « natural » normal (not tweaked manually in another wrangle), then when making your curve, output the tangentu attribute. It should be naturally perpendicular to N. Otherwise, create your own perpendicular vector in a Wrangle using a cross product between your N and an up vector defined arbitrarily (in VEX should be something like v@perpN = cross(@N, up); and define up before like vector up = {0,1,0};) Then same code as you have with N: @P += ch(« offsetperp ») * v@perpN;
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    If I remember correctly, if you want to use the intrinsics of your prims coming out of sim, to instance higher rez objects on the points, or maybe use CHOPS to smooth / reverse / tweak the sim, the equation should be like : Ppoint = Pprim + (Ppoint - PIVOTprim) * TRASNFORMprim where PIVOT and TRANSFORM are respectectively a vector and matrix3. Ppoint should be static (position of the points at start of the sim). Hope this helps
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    Hello everyone, I made this tutorial to show a workflow to setup passes for rendering using python. The same can be achieved by the Takes, but I find using python for the task can be quite useful in some cases
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    HI FRIENDS! So over the past year I've been doing far too much Houdini in my free time, and I noticed that all of the people I look up to in the community have their own cute ODForce threads. So with the release of my latest blog post on Voronoi Diagrams and Remeshing, I thought it best to make one of those threads, to avoid flooding the Education section with tons of new posts... Anyways here's a link to my new blog post: https://medium.com/@jakerice_7202/voronoi-for-the-people-60c0f11b0767 And if the link itself isn't enough, here are a couple of GIFs from the blog post, including one that didn't make the cut. All credit for the post title goes to @mestela <3 Big thanks to @toadstorm for editing my grammar as well, and the whole ThinkProcedural discord for putting up with my insanity
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    @f1480187 the master has spoken! thanks once more man, really appreciate it. Just finished analizing your setup, always learning some new nodes from you, will read more about these: vertexsplit, falloff, polypath. That wrangle is gold to me, will study that one too. Beautiful setup as always. I'll tag you once I finish this study, but basically I'm making some hard surface helmets in movement, I asked that corner stuff to add some detail, now I'll dig a little into COPs. Thanks again, legend. Cheers!
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    Thank you for helping after 13 years