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    Hi, This is going to be my next training series. Procedural armour generation in Houdini. There's still a lot of work to be done. I need to detail the torso, the neck and finally build a head gear. But it's coming along fine, so I figured it looks decent enough to share.
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    I suggest to use the layer COP in this case.
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    Merge just combines the planes of the various inputs. If there are duplicate planes it either renames them, creates a plane array, or ignores them. Its use is more for combining the color pass stored in one file with the depth pass stored in another into one stream. You probably want to use one of the composite operators if you want to do actual image composition between the three.
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    Hi Marco, you can build your own planar baking tool inside SOPs and COPs: Scale object to unit size with 1 / max(max($SIZEX, $SIZEY), $SIZEZ) in a transform node. Shoot rays at the mesh from COPs with the intersect() function. Grab the UV coordinates via primuv(). Transfer any kind of texture map values by using colormap(). This also works for geometry attributes such as normals, depth or bounding box info. Here is the minimalist code (to be used in a COP snippet inside a VOPCOP2GEN node): string geo = 'op:/obj/geo1/OUT'; string tex = '/Users/konstantin/maske_rot_Map_Albedo_4K.jpg'; vector pos_img = set(X, Y, 0.0); vector dir_ray = set(0, 0, 1); vector pos_world; vector uvw_prim; int prim_mesh = intersect(geo, pos_img, dir_ray, pos_world, uvw_prim); vector uvw_mesh = primuv(geo, 'uv', prim_mesh, uvw_prim); vector map = colormap(tex, uvw_mesh); vector color = map; R = color.r; G = color.g; B = color.b; A = prim_mesh != -1; baker.hipnc
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    SideFX it's time to to show some love for COPs . It would be nice to have fixed the instability and the slowness of COPs, and also have some nice low level tools. COPs could easily compete with Substance Designer for procedural texture creation, especially when Allegortmic is not caring at all about their substance plugin for Houdini. There's opportunity here. Also, it would much welcome to have better parameters UI. There are lots small improvements to do in this regard: like being able to decide how to justify the parameters, unified alignment, better labeling systems, etc I want the controls of my Digital Assets to feel modern and to be space-efficient.
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    This is a script coded by a friend : https://berniebernie.fr/wiki/Houdini_Python I think it would be great to have something like this by default on Houdini, in order to get a previz image of a certain part of the node graph. It could be very useful when sharing setup between people for complex FX / Rigs / Lighting setup.
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    use set() instead of curly brackets: addpoint(0, set(0, height, 0) );
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    In case anyone else comes up against this problem, I found a workaround - go inside the sky SOP asset and copy and paste the contents of the CVEX shader builder inside shopnet/sky into a new volume VOP, then copy the parameters across. A bit of a hack but it's writing out properly now at least..
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    You can try for example to add divergence. pyro_arrow.hip
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    Not my work Atom - though I love you believe I'm competent enough to create that setup. That being said, if you have the coral letter model, you could probably tweak a setup like this to create a similar type of deformation.
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    I use AutoHotkey (http://ahkscript.org/) for apps with limited variety of hotkeys. It can map any combination to another one. ; Script header. #SingleInstance force SetTitleMatchMode, RegEx ; Houdini-specific part. #IfWinActive Houdini ; Check for word "Houdini" in the title. XButton1::!Right XButton2::!Left #IfWinActive This script will map thumb buttons (XButton1 and XButton2) to Alt + Right Arrow and Alt + Left Arrow presses which are standard Houdini bindings for navigation buttons. If you changed it, use a new combinations instead.
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