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    I made some progress on bending the pyro along a path. Extreme bends in the curve, reveal the rasterization, however. I pulled in a path deform subnet that I found at this link. ap_path_pyro_volume_093019.hiplc
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    Already replied on the sidefx forums but just in case anyone here is curious, the answer is to reverse the nested dielectric "surface priority" parameter on the materials... he has his priority settings backwards. lower number = higher priority, so set the droplet priority to 0 and the bottle priority to 1 and the refractions are clear.
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    Here is a single pyro simulation randomly rotated and randomly retimed along random length paths that are randomly deformed. ap_path_grid_pyro_volume_093019.hiplc
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    @toadstorm I can't get your file to work. Anyway, forgot to add the timeblend node at the end in my example.. @BradASchreiber if you set your timeline to display subframes you will see the cards are moving. let me know if there is any questions JR_TankThread_alternate.hiplc
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    Ah cool to know Yes, it should be possible to make a volume defomer via this method! The "Only Output Created Geometry" checkbox is a handy feature in the volume wrangle for these kind of setups.
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    Problem resolved.. I had to activate this option !
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    You need to check if two adjacent edges are convex or concave. I used dot product between normal and cross product for that. I also modified how to compute angle between edges. I used neighbour edges instead of edge and normal becouse you got some strange results on some points. Look at file. angle_between_vectors.hipnc
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    Hey guys, Left side (green) is done with default setting, and tweaking on "normal drag" and "tangent drag". I couldn't get vellum act like falling paper pieces (sliding down fast and roll up abruptly, and repeat). So I did something with sop solver, the result is what's shown at the right side (red) It seems to work, yet need a bit more fine tuning for the movement. But I would love to see if there is any other solutions, or maybe the same effects is achievable by simply tweaking on the default set up/preset. Video and hip file is attached. Cheers, paper_need_fine_tune_cleaned_v1.hip paper.mov