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    Trying to recreate Scott Draves' algorithm in Houdini with VEX:
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    you may need to evaluate it yourself you can use Attribute String Edit, specify your attrib and do From: *\$F4* To: *$F4*
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    also if you have bones that you don't want to deform, just want them to deform muscles you can add them as external colliders to detangle penetration_removal_detangle2.hip
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    None of the above are smaller wishes. I wouldn't worry. These wishlist have been around for well over a decade for each major version. Plus as noted this is non-official, for actual BUGs, RFEs, and Question they need to be submitted to support in order to be considered. SideFX staff may be lurking on Odforce, but they do not actually monitor outside SideFX.com forums. Mostly these threads are for ranting, venting, and once in a while a collaborate group hive mind for features that should exist. Also a lot of re-directions for features that do exist, but are obscure in the Houdini lexicon of terminology like the past and thankfully dead Cookie Sop...
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    Hi, I have a point with a string attribute. A null node with a string parameter. Inside of the string param I have a point expression that should grab the string attribute of the point from add1. Instead of returning the attrib value "test" it returns "0". Can someone explain to me where my mistake is? Thank you very much. Jon pointExpression.hip
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    Just stumbled over : It seems there is a special points() expression to read string attributes. That solved my error. Thank you Peter. Edit: ...and David
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    Haven't seen 18 yet so don't know if the code editor was improved, but if not, this still is my ABSOLUTE NR. 1 wish. if(code_editor_improved != true) { Code editing in Houdini Wrangles is - well - crap. It's a total shame we don't even see command parameter lists when typing since even in value fields typing expressions does it and has autocomplete for paths etc. Even only bringing that ability to the VEX editor would be very helpful. Of course it would also make a lot of sense to have other settings and helpers in there, like auto-closing brackets, more clever cursor positioning, offering existing variables and attributes when typing etc. - the Houdini devs should know ALL about that, they probably spend their life in real code editors... The use of external editors could be improved a lot if a.) we wouldn't have to press ALT+E twice for the external editor and wouldn't have to get to the floating editor first each time and b.) if that connection would be "live" like for instance the Pinegrow Web Editor does it with a little plugin for Code and Atom, where you can type in either the internal or external editor and they update each other in realtime. The current system is too clumsy and the 3rd party implementations also aren't really there (no negativity towards the authors intended at all!). Make it native! Make it goooooooood! } else { All is well. Nothing to see here. :-) } Cheers, Tom
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    It works fine for me. This is your scene with Volume Sample mode and Proxy Volume: flipToyTest_v3_02.hipnc You no need to fracture it. As i know flip works properly with RBD Object only and volume collision , not with RBD Packed Object and convex hull. Did you check Initialize Simulation OPs parameter into the ROP Geometry Output? If it is on then all network will be re-simulate.