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    Yeah I know, but by the time I am looking at the file name and realize it it going to take forever to open I have to cancel out of the open dialog, hit my hotkey for manual mode then bring up the open dialog again and open the hip file... definitely a lazy person request!
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    I wish there was a checkbox to open a new HIP file with update set to manual, same as using -n at the command line. I also wish I could micro-tweak numerical parms with the up and down arrows like in Nuke. Ladder is cool, inertial scroll is cool (but only exists on trackpads) up and down arrows would be mega-cool. Also, let OpenGL ROP run in background so it doesn't feel left out from all the other ROPs. Also, match the shade of green used for a keyframe in the timeline with the shade of green on the "next keyframe" button. Don't know why that bugs me but it does! Let us define structs in vex wrangles instead of having to pull in an external .h file. And for the love of god, remap default behavior of "Q" key to be bypass in both the node editor AND the viewport. I am constantly A/B-ing nodes and then I accidentally drift my mouse over into the viewport and I start repeating the last operation. It is infuriating! I know I can remap but when helping other people out on a vanilla install it is the key mapping that bugs me the most. Box zoom in ortho viewports, not just perspective viewports.
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    Set your editor to emacsclient, making sure that you've run M-x server-start in your existing emacs session.
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    Or just do a few different high res sim caches, and instance them all over the branches, if you dont need full realism or any dynamic movements. Can offset the timing, scale, etc of each instance.
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    @hved Moskvichak Share something
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    its a bit more readable like this. @P -= pivot; @P *= matrix; @P += pivot;
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    Since your fire will rise upwards I assume anyway, you could scatter some points on your branch and then instance some curves onto the branch. You could then convert those curves into a source as well with the branch. Benefit is that you can animate your curves to give your source a more interesting look which will help with detail etc in your sim.
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    thanks! i understood the cause for this problem with your advice. i just use "pop_wind" in my network. i have applyed group option into "POP_Wind",only affect first stream. [^stream_frst] i made simple example fix this problem. POP_VOP_Acceleration_v001.001.hipnc
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    Increasing the pscale without changing the constraint length is what is causing this sim to behave strangely. When the pscale is increased, it is making the sim fight against the constraint length and creates interpenetrations. At low substeps, the behaviour is not as noticable, but is still there (run the sim with the gravity off to see what I mean). This could be solved in a number of ways: - Turn off self collision. - Use another sop to run over the constraint geo and increase the length along with the pscale. - Turn down the stiffness of the stretch constraint.
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    Long tendril like sources are tough for sure. Higher resolution simulation is correct but there are definitely ways of saving on time depending on what hardware you have at your disposal. I would work in clusters and break it up. Basically, pull out each branch and run a separate simulation for each and then merge them together at render time. The issue here becomes, do you have a render farm at your disposal to run 25 simulations at once? If not, I would see how many branches you can get into a single simulation before it gets overwhelming for your pc.
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    Hi, This is going to be my next training series. Procedural armour generation in Houdini. There's still a lot of work to be done. I need to detail the torso, the neck and finally build a head gear. But it's coming along fine, so I figured it looks decent enough to share.