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    Hi all! This is the dynamic cloud I created with time-lapse effect in Houdini 17.5. I tried many ways and added several types of Gas Microsolvers, especially during the process of the dissipation and creation of the could. Because this is a difficult problem that must be solved in order to complete simulation, I added more Gas Microsolvers to control the shape of the cloud and adjusted its ambient temperature and buoyancy forces. Eventually the problem is solved. You’re welcome to make comments and discuss the related skills. https://vimeo.com/376645761 My PC specs: Memory: 64GB Processor: AMD Ryzen 1950X Graphics: GeForce GTX 1070Ti Simulation: 20H Space disk: 500G Render:Mantra I recommend using Linux for massive simulation because Linux requires less ram usage than Windows.
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    Time should be around 12am PST. Apologies to all our non North American visitors, insomniacs and anyone working OT tonight. On the plus side the site should be faster and, uh... well just faster really.
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    Hey all Our server will be upgraded sometime tonight, so please don't panic if the site is down for a bit. The maintenance period should be ~1 hour. I'll update this once I know the exact time. Thanks! M
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    And we're done and everything seems to be in order. Thanks
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    Hi all, As some of you may know I have recently started a youtube channel where I am sharing some techniques, setups and tips. My goal is to first cover some of the fundamental tools/setups and then build more elaborate setups. I wanted to share this with the odforce community too as this community will always have a special place in my heart :). Thank you for watching & have fun learning! The channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZMPkkgnAFghvffxaTh6CsA My first video:
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    I made this HDA to streamline the process of versioning caches. It will automatically produce a file path and file name for your cache, and load it back in once it is exported. You can flip through different versions easily by using the version slider, or using the 'Create File Node for This Version' button and wiring the file nodes up to a switch node. You can write detail attribute strings to store notes about the cache such as simulation parameters - very useful when referring back to old sim caches. At the moment this is a non-commercial HDA. Download link down this page beneath the video. Get at me with thoughts, comments, questions etc. SOP_MI_version_filecache.hda
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    use 'intersect' function to find point on surface along vector
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    Thanks a lot for sharing Jiri! Very useful
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    Hi, in this file a quick example how to use for-each and time shift for randomization instances of cached pyro. pyro_offset.hipnc
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    Hey sorry for the late response. My fault, you can fix it easily: 1- Right click on Matcap (Geo Context) node, and click on Type propeties... 2- At Script tab, select OnCreated module ( left side) 3- At right side you will see the script of this module. Change line 3 : "From oscarscr import matcap_selector as mcs" For this: "import matcap_selector as mcs" ( if you pasted the python script in the python2.7Libs folder) 4- Accept ( Unlock and Save) Other important consideration is to have installed game dev tools ( the script use a shader of this add on) . Im not sure if in Houdini18 is called sideFxLabs In my case I have created a folder for my scripts called "oscarscr" and I missed to change that. You can create one with this structure if you want: In this path ( is not the only place you can do this, but to simplify..): C:\Users\YourUserName\Documentos\houdini17.5 Create this two folders: C:\Users\YourUserName\Documents\houdini17.5\scripts\python and inside create a blank .py file called "__init__" Now Houdini will watch inide this folder for python scripts. In my case I had a folder called oscarscr there. Let me know if you keep having problems. Regards, Oscar
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    XBOX is hosting the Seattle Houdini User Group's : Winter Showcase. Join us at Microsoft's main campus in Redmond, WA at Studio B Today Dec 3rd, 2019 from 6pm-8pm Please RSVP for more details. [https://www.meetup.com/Seattle-Houdini-User-Group-SeaHUG/events/266499858/](http://meetup.com Seattle Houdini User Group) Join the SeaHUG group for better than last minute announcements
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    Hi josich Trying to try you nice asset, I get this : Traceback (most recent call last): File "opdef:/Object/oscar_matcap_matt?OnCreated", line 3, in <module> ImportError: No module named oscarscr The python file is in the python2.7Libs folder I tried to put it in a "oscarscr" folder but no way. Thanks anyway
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    Hey Niels. This issue with Mantra instances has been our major issue in the last two years in every show using Mantra as the main renderer. Almost two years ago we provided detailed tests to SESI showing the issue, one of them similar to your cube test. I managed to improve instancing performance doing my own procedural, but there is definitely something not working well in Mantra instances. We conclude that an object representation inside Mantra, all the data include in any rendered object/instance, apart from the geometry itself, is too heavy. It takes a lot to create multiple instances of the same object, and it takes too much memory. This obviously explodes in real production cases. Some work has been done, i got some emails from SESI about some bugs fixed, but the main issue is still there. In their last visit to London we showed them again the issue, when compared with clarisse, which apart from many other problems, is pretty good at instancing, the difference is clear. I hope this time they can decide to tackle this issue, which for me to be honest is the biggest issue in Mantra at the moment. i haven't tested 16 for rendering yet, so let's see is Santa bring us something amazing this next months