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    Forest Fire entirely done using Houdini and Rendering in Arnold.
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    Strange extra manipulations. All u need is just to set Emission type in popsource as All Geometry.
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    To select the end points of a polyline simply count the connected neighbours: neighbourcount(0,@ptnum)==1
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    YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS At long last...I've worked out the preset for this Select Ends: (First/Last of a prim, will work on non curve too...but would probably be next to useless, try the pig ) groupexpression/snippet Ends (or First/Last) vertexprimindex(0, @vtxnum)%(primvertexcount(0,@primnum)-1)==0 As you can see, No, you don't need to use a for each prim loop...just a groupexpression.
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    would you throw in a coupla these if ppl order within the next 19 minutes ?
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    Hi there, I had to make everything from scratch since your sim was way to slow. I'm using 0.02 particle separation and substeps min=1 and max=4. This takes around 3 minutes to solve. I have two issues. a) I use a thick collision proxy volume to avoid the leakage of flip particles.But, towards the end I want the beer to fill and spill along the surface outside.How to achieve this? If I reduce the thickness the flip particles tend to leak and there is volume loss as well. I've used your original glass (with polyextrude 0.1) and just changed division size to 0.02 under RBD Solver / Volume. Everything worked as expected. B)I have applied velocity to push the foam particles upwards,but It doesn't have any impact. As of now the foam particles move upwards because of the velocity created by the beer particles.I want the foam particles to move upwards by applying some external force so that more foam forms on top.How to achieve this? I've used different viscosity (.5 beer emission and .7 foam), density (1000 beer and 20 to foam) and divergence (0 to beer and .3 to foam) attributes using popwrangle, so foam goes and stays on top Hope it helps, Cheers! beer_preview.mp4
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    You do have to use Volume Based collision with FLIP. I threw away your current collision setup and recreated it. I chopped off the top of the tank so I could see the quality of the VDB convert inside. You need enough quality to ensure that the tiny funnel for the hour glass is being created correctly. Feel free to remove the CLIP and BRIDGE nodes to re-establish your original look. To make the fluid accumulate in the bottom section of the hourglass you need to balance particle separation against grid scale. Grid scale below 1.0 get really slow but the default of 2.0 often leads to volume loss. This example uses 1.2 for grid scale. ap_WaterTankTest.hipnc