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    I'm happy to announce that I've teamed up with SideFX to release a new free course! - Shading Theory with Karma. These videos are designed to teach you the fundamental ideas behind shading/texturing while utilizing the principled shader, karma, and my dear friend - Shaderbot. Visit CG Forge to download shaderbot along with access to the videos for free. https://www.cgforge.com/course?courseid=shadingtheory Have a nice day,
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    Hey, I did a flamethrower a while back, the hip file is linked in the comments with an explanation of the nodes, all you have to do is make sure the file caches arent set to load from disk
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    $HIP/layers/`ch(opinputpath("../NODE2",0) + "/mode")`.png
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    I can't wait until people don't have masks on their face; some people I couldn't understood before the mask, now it's worse.
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    I hope Tomas will never leave this forum !!!!! !!!!
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    if it's integer then something like this $HIP/layers/`ch(opinputpath(".",0) + "/mode")`.png if string $HIP/layers/`chs(opinputpath(".",0) + "/mode")`.png
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    you can convert them to VDB and then use VDB Vector Merge SOP to get a single vector volume, that one should work also according to help for Source Volume parameter: so for scalar volumes that would mean list of all 3, not just one of them: vel.x vel.y vel.z
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    Finally i've found it ! https://www.alchemyschool.com/houdinimasterclass
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    hi, a bit late to the party, but here is my take on this. i do majority of my texturing directly in Mantra shader netwroks and it's great. in terms of procedural stuff, Mantra by far outperforms any other renderer. Redshift is great for many reasons, but it's not for it's texturing capabilities, and I doubt it ever will be - nobody seems to be adding texturing tools to their renderers, beyond the most basic stuff like perlin noise or a curvature shader. Redshift, Vray, Octance have very limited texture handling capabilities, Arnold also very limited but offers a few very handy nodes, Renderman is the only 3rd party renderer that offers sort of an advanced procedural toolkit - but even thou I think it's a way behind Mantra in this respect. So Mantra for me works basically like a texturing application that does all the heavy lifting, collects and manipulates all the data from other applications, assembling the final result and then, optionaly, bakes the stuff out to bitmaps for use with 3rd party renderers. Love it. I very much hope we'll be able to use the same (or updated) workflows in Karma soon. cheers, D.
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    Here is my tutorial, done super fast so don't be too harsh I hope this is helpful Sparse Pyro Upres, the easy way - part1
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    It's been a while (!) but here's an interim development of the original double wishbone chassis concept. Now you can fully adjust chassis to match car - it's all done via names - so you can transform the model in any way you like (just don't change the point numbering as constraint naming is based on point numbers). Effectively bullet is used to make the constraints easy and the only real simulation is on the wishbone springs. Wheels are pre-animated along a path and then adjusted for roll, ackerman steering angle (inner and outer wheels at different angles). Still quite tricky to adjust the sim because mass, spring strength/damping, load transfer and conetwist maximum angles are all interrelated - change one and you need to change all the others! This test Porsche is overly springy to illustrate the basic concepts at work especially the load transfer forward to back. Needs more work on rest to action transition period, too! To change the car simply bring the new car and wheels into the chassis node and swap out, make sure to transform chassis geo to fit. Change path, collision ground as you see fit.... car_rig_bullet_julian.hip
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    See the attachment for a vop-based solution. raysop_deform.hipnc
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    Hi there, I was just trying mixamo (online character animation thing) when my girlfriend, passing by and seeing my screen, asked me : " is that the corona dance ?"