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    I put together a short video on how to make smoke fall into a hole. There is also a setup at the end that shows how to generate a fake @heat field using the VDB Diagnostics node.
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    Thanks to a tweet from the maker of MOPs, I just had to cache the sim to disk using the File Cache SOP before rendering. Worked a treat and everything now works as it should.
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    Legend!!!! Thanks a lot, Milad! That solved the issue, LIFE SAVER
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    Nice @Atom, looks very similar to the inner layer. Are you using smoke only or still running the wire sim? I'm getting very close to reference with my custom FLIP solver. If you want to share your file I can combine the two EvilPortal test.mp4
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    select which one have uv island from uvset menu , and copy to second one .. i have this problems when exported but for quick fix i use copy stuff like image below ........
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    keep it simple....for real that is...i mean while you're testing out stuff...don't weigh yourself down with a highres grid and all the chattels with it...planarpatch is so simple to use, change res however you like, the seams (in this case top) just work. then as you go for an endless tweakfest with the wind...it runs far quicker than with the highres grid. Really_Simple_FlagWind_01.hiplc
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    there are millions of tutorials about that but I'm lazy so here are 2 you can google search "houdini infection" https://vimeo.com/286576112 https://vimeo.com/188004434