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    I'm putting this out here since this thread keeps going off topic I managed to recreate the fine hair like tentacle details by dividing the simulation into much smaller segments, using much smaller noise scales in the pattern driving the attribute based emission of the flip fluid. With a bit of tweaking on the viscosity and the simple custom cooling wrangle(see my original file in this post), the smaller segments are able to consistently hold hair like details as the flip fluid breaks under the turbulent forces added to the solver. Next I implemented a simple looper for the simulated segment by just cross fading the particles' alpha(or any arbitrary attribute that would eventually drive opacity in the shader). Replicate these around any shape(example below using a for loop, copy transform, and some iteration based instance randomization for time offset). The results below are rendered in Renderman. Obvisouly this is based on a single simulation run but much better results can be achieved by running and looping multiple independent simulation seeded differently. This is a perfect application for PDGs. I ' ClusteredSim.mp4
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    Hi, there. I'm releasing an "early version" of a tool I've been working on. The Wormhole Content Browser is a custom UI for Houdini that enables quick browsing, previewing, and importing of content into Houdini. Some existing features: File browser within a pane tab for easy integration with your desktop. Access browser through parameter context menu to set parameter to a selected file. Easily generate geometry previews using the viewport or mantra. Thumbnails are cached to disk for quick access, especially for previously loaded large images. Import files into SOPs, COPs, or CHOPs. Plus more! Note: This tool is in development, but the functionality currently provided is complete. I am offering this version for free to get people to bang on it a bit. I will continue to fix bugs and make limited improvements to this version. I am planning on adding more features like improving workflow interactions with Houdini, and tools to search through content in a future version that may not be free. Here's a link to the gumroad project page: Wormhole Content Browser Peter.
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    Maybe it Helps ..You can convert Later in your mat(vop) . Just play with that Colors.hipnc
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    ehhhhhh...FWIW, i fumbled around with visualising the damn thing coloredges2.hiplc
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    note that after convertline, prim is an edge. coloredges.hiplc
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    just an update if someone is interested, I am still testing though. In summary, I created velocity fields (e.g. directional + curl noise) and advected particles using the velocity field, convert particles to fog --> this got some organic shapes. I will keep testing but the start looks promising...
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    If there is no input, I don't believe you can do that. However, you could set the weight to 1 and control the emission color via an attribute. Use the brightness of the color to drive your effect.
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    New video blog post! Time indoors has lead to A VERY detailed step-by-step video on how to set up Houdini Engine and Unreal Engine on Linux, including obtaining source, licensing, compiling and installing. http://eyevex.com 40 Minutes of excitement guaranteed (|;-D>
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    I Have this In mine Collection Maybe you can just rewrite to (Wrangle ) . Hope it Helps. breaking_wave.hipnc
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    Maybe Pyro_smoke_localised_drag_v01.hip