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    if you don't want to use Instance Object, you can also just add Point Instancing (ptinstance) render property to your object that outputs points and switch it from None to one of the other options also add Instance Object (instancepath), but you can keep that one empty since you have s@instance attribute you can also add other instancing properties, that Instance Object has by default
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    the values i contains are correct iteration values the 0 you were observing as explained was due to the default value of your attribute being 0 and the actual iteration value not surviving past the wrangle as you were not storing it as an attribute on any primitive, but inside of that wrangle i has correct value of the iteration just add this to after your 2nd line to have it cactually print to console to see it contains expected values: printf("iteration = %d\n", i); just don't forget to delete this line once you are convinced its working as you don't want it to be printing to console constantly
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    Everything is based on Chops and ratio of points and vertices, there are 9 (shapes) variations of endless (trillion) patterns. Combine with music (different freq or just regular wave) or just have fun with math. Splines that can easily manipulate and with this modeling is relatively simple.
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    Now I get it (just Happy)
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    I heard oil paintings are a thing right now. Here is a initial setup (still lacking all micro details and sweep strokes): Original procedure developed by Will Macneill: http://www.willmacneil.com/portfolio/oil-painting-the-houdini-way painting_2.hipnc