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    In case anyone else needs to do this, I made a free hda to do this. you can add noise, rotate, scale and transform randomly!! and it is done all in /mat. Make sure to lay out uv's before using. The hda is included here or you can get it from the link in the video on youtube. example.hiplc uv_randomize_b.hdalc
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    Actually, yes, it's possible directly. I just found this: Reverse SOP, vertex shift, U Offset Change U offset until you're satisfied with the pairing.
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    Just use "Embedded" as a file path. hou.HDADefinition.save(file_name="Embedded")
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    Volumetric Temporal Deflicker 2.1 to Houdini 12.1 to 18.x Deflicker VDB/Fluids by analyzing areas of voxels, creating temporal volume gradients and use this info to interpolate those areas based on temporal volume falloff. It is very good at deflicker slow-motion fluids. Very easy 1 node solution to your flickering fluids or VDBs/volumes in general. Available on Orbolt (normal and studio versions) at https://www.orbolt.com/asset/RodTD::Rod_vdb_averaging Available on Gumroad at https://gum.co/deflicker Rod Tebisx | Senior Creature FX Technical Director at Framestore London Overview:
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    Hi, there's one dude who made a tutorial some days ago to sim a cloud, he made on stream: There are a lot of good techniques that he used!
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    Several days ago, I finished my cloud. But I'm not very satisfied. I have no idea how to analyze and achieve the dynamics of the cloud, which makes it pretty hard to sim realistic clouds. Here I ask for help with this problem. Can someone help me out or offer me some related tutorials? Thank you.
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    This‘s an breakdown of Pompeii we made. Hope you like it ~ Software: Houdini17.5 , Fusion Details : Memory: 64GB Processor: AMD Ryzen 1950X Graphics: GeForce GTX 1070Ti Simulation : 10H Space disk : 500G Render:Mantra Render time: 1920*1080 (40H) I recommend to use Linux for heavy simulation, because Linux has a better ram usage than windows.
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    See attached for an example .hip of a simple method to preserve UV seams in a flip sim: UV_to_FLIP.hipnc
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    Short answer: yes. Long answer: There are 2 ways you could do it. depending on what you want to do. 1) Use an external python script to open Houdini in the background, place a HDA and set parms. (required the loading of the Hou library into your python script) 2) normally use Houdini and use a python node/python shell. In both cases you would Load and read text file (if running Houdini in background create HDA) Store Node refrence to placed HDA Set parameters based on read data. Main class to have a look at is hou.Parm
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    here is an example of Extract Transform VOP Extract_euler_rotation.hip
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    how should i break my glue constraint by velocity enegry_blast.hipnc